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Career Opportunities

Want to make a difference in the world? Come work with us at The Foundation for a Better Life. We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:

Creative Project Manager

Location: Denver, Colorado
Compensation: $45,000 to $55,000 Annually
Benefits Offered: Health, Dental, Vision, Life & 401K
Employment Type: Full-Time

Who we are:

The Foundation for a Better Life/ is a non-profit media company on a mission to improve our world by celebrating the good in people. There are very few of us on staff, and we manage one of the largest media footprints of any non-profit globally, so we team members need to be adaptable, optimistic and resourceful humans who can work well together and independently.

Who you are/what this job is:

You are the hub of the information flow for the Foundation. You see the whole picture. You know that needs to be done, from the overview to the minute, and you know how to help a group take a project (several at a time, really) from start to finish. You can supervise and coordinate project flow using established standards and metrics. You love to collaborate with others and assist them by making sure they are clear on their roles, goals, deadlines and processes. You are proactive, thorough, have high expectations for follow through, and you tactfully get results.

For the Foundation staff, you will quickly implement structure and accountability around both our recurring events (e.g. weekly staff meetings) and around larger, less frequent projects (e.g annual Board reports), all the while keeping track of our ongoing processes of developing content for TV, billboard, and online media platforms. Formal Project Management skills are a must, as we take on multiple and multi-faceted production based projects on an ongoing basis. Got a better way to do it than the one we have now? Great! As a learning organization, we are constantly looking to improve ourselves, and hope you are, too.

Over time, you will gain a general understanding of all facets of our work so you can help us knit together the whos and whys in order to successfully develop and execute the whats and hows. We expect you will have the ability and interest to take on more responsibility and projects of your own as you settle in.

Your primary duties:

  • Continue to refine, streamline and build structure around our internal processes, for example:
    • Our weekly production meetings (which you will lead).
    • Maintain our shared calendars to guide weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual work (2 calendars tracking: 1. Foundation responsibilities to Board of Directors, etc., 2. Projects—video, billboard, social media, etc. from concept to distribution).
    • Improve internal communication of our in-house and remote team members through electronic platforms (Outlook and other collaboration software—we are currently using Slack, Samepage and Smartsheets).
    • Ensure that all deadlines are clearly set and met, and making sure staff/vendors have what they need to meet their goals.
  • Work with our creative team to drive content development from concept to production to distribution.
  • Maintain flow charts/Gantt charts to graphically demonstrate flow of projects.
  • Help document new processes for videos shoots, onboarding new vendors, etc. so they can be replicated in the future.
  • Help us create regular systems to evaluate projects so we can repeat the good and learn from the challenges.
  • Ensures quality control and routes projects for proper approvals.
  • Conflict Management Skills: Promptly communicates delays, budget issues or any other relevant concerns to the appropriate parties and works to resolve at speed.

What we’re looking for:

  • Two years of related project management experience (minimum).
  • Superb grammar, communication and organizational skills.
  • Computer and internet proficiency, with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • A willingness to jump into any task where you might be of use—No task is below anyone at our company!
  • The tenacity and resourcefulness to see projects through to completion.
  • Conflict management skills are a big plus.
  • Ability to exercise managerial level judgment and discretion in making decisions that impact internal and external stakeholders.
  • An interest in solving problems and improving skills.
  • Good judgment, discretion and integrity.
  • A keen eye for detail and an eagerness to make good things great.
  • A sincere, kind and professional manner.

How to apply:

Send a cover letter & resume to Tom Brainard, Vice President. We're looking forward to hearing from you!