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Character is one’s moral or ethical quality.

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  • “Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.”

    —Phillip Brooks

  • “Obstinacy in a bad cause is but constancy in a good.”

    —Sir Thomas Browne Scholar, Essayist

  • “The only guide to a man is his conscience.”

    —Sir Winston Churchill British Statesman, Prime Minister, Author, Nobel Prize Winner

  • “Every experience is a stitch in the fabric of your character.”

    —Gary Clausing Musician

  • “The true test of a person's character is how they treat the people in life that they don't need.”

    —Lee Corso Sports Broadcaster

Stories About Character

Being Me

Submitted by Amarise

One day at my new summer camp I was so excited to be their so I went to the camp on the first day wearing one of my most...

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I Remember Mama

Submitted by Anonymous

In today's world, when a friend tells you he/she has met a female with a million-dollar smile, you automatically visualize a...

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Woman Who Serves Others Now In Crisis Herself

Submitted by Amy

I want to tell you about an exceptional human being. Her name is Jackie. She has an extreme love of animals and a while ago...

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Everyday Hero Stories

Jesse S

My grandfather is my hero. After leaving Korea as a war hero, he went on to become a police officer. Later on, he felt God...

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Marie A

I am a college student with a learning disability and because of this I require the help of tutors to get me through my...

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Dr. Gerald G

My father taught me about faith, compassion and integrity. He was a man who spoke not one negative word about a person. He...

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He didn't let anyone pull him down
Happy Hippo, Wausau, Wi

We all face unfair treatment, but no one can take away the personal choice to become part of the problem or part of the solution.
Dennis Dinzeo, Las Vegas, Nv

Let no one live rent free in your head.
Letta, Akron, Oh

There's good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us, till it makes no sense to talk about the rest of us.
Letta, Akron, Ohio

Be always kind to others. Set an example through yourself.
King , Sampaquita

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