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Forgiveness is to give others pardon for something they may have done.



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  • “It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become towards the defects of others.”

    —Joseph Addison English Essayist, Poet, Playwright And Politician.

  • “The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”

    —Honore de Balzac Novelist

  • “Every man should keep a fair-sized cemetery in which to bury the faults of his friends.”

    —Henry Ward Beecher Clergyman, Social Reformer

  • “There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.”

    —Josh Billings [Henry Wheeler Shaw] Humorist, Essayist

  • “It is a very delicate job to forgive a man, without lowering him in his own estimation, and yours too.”

    —Josh Billings [Henry Wheeler Shaw] Humorist, Essayist

Stories About Forgiveness


Submitted by Sandy

I will allow my issues of today to set with the sun and decide to smile with every person in my life tomorrow..... No matter...

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Please Accept My Apology

Submitted by Anonymous

You probably remember me from the other day. I was the one who reacted very slowly to the green traffic light. When you...

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Mom And Daughter Relationships

Submitted by Caitlin Stromberg


My Mom and I have had a rocky past and I had left the house at the age of 17. There were a lot of mixed...

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Everyday Hero Stories

Starr C

Starr is my dad who died in 1985. He is my friend and hero. His plans always included me. We always worked and hunted...

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Felicia S

I want to introduce my daughter Felicia Smith. She was my second daughter and grew up to be a kind, generous, loving young...

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Parvathy K

Parvathy is my mom. When she was a student she got 1st rank in all classes. Her family was so poor they weren't even able to...

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my parents recently divorced. i'm 14, and im old enough to understand their divorce was not about me or my sister. however, he has been abusive both physically and emotionally to me and my mother for as long as i can remember... i even called the cops on him once. he lives a few minutes away now in an apartment, but i havent gone to visit him at all since the divorce 2 weeks ago. i hope i can find it in my heart to forgive him like my sister has, but its so hard.
michaela, texas

having the ability to know you love others
flor, alto

Forgiveness is a trait everyone needs because its what holds the country's of the world together. People should always learn to forgive and forget, because forgiveness allows you to move on to better things to greater dreams and stronger relationships.
Lila , Curtis MI usa

Your life experience IS what it IS and ISN'T what it ISN'T - so don't make your life experience what it ISN''t turn your life experience into marvelous dramas or into horror stories. EMBRACE life - LOVE it - LIVE it! (forgive and forget what you can't) You'll be surprised what a difference it makes!
Les Coughran, Camas WA

Forgiveness is hard, but you have to take the simplest step first, that is to be willing to have a you want to be right or do you want to have a relationship?
larry, Nairobi,Kenya

When we are able to accept that we don't have to be perfect, we can move towards more consistently forgiving ourselves. Doing so allows us to be more vulnerable and our defenses naturally come down. When defenses come down, we are able to relate more authentically with our fellow human beings. Out of this type of relating comes joy, love and peace.
Ben G, Brisbane, CA

Forgiveness releases us to be healthy.
Bruce Willingham, Warner Robins, Ga

Being forgiven is love. Forgiving oneself is empowering, and may be the first step toward learning to love by healing the actions of the head and revealing the truth of the heart.
Jon, Indiana

Forgiveness is a cleansing of the heart
Darlene, California

"Forgiveness means mustering up the courage to free yourself from the monsters that are holding you back--anger and resentment."
Antonio Martins, SA, TX

ya, its in the act of forgiving where we learn important lessons in life. it's actually another starting point of a stronger relationship.
broz joseph tito, philippines

Como diria a música de Ludmila Ferber: "É preciso pedir e dar perdão, é preciso perder pra ganhar". How would the music of Ludmila Ferber: "You have to ask and give forgiveness, you must lose to win."
Anderson de Sousa Almeida, Colatina - ES, Brasil

Forgiveness is something that you can't pretend to do, you can say you forgive a person but you must mean it with everything inside of you.
Naria, Barbados

My boyfriend forgave me for cheating on him. But I haven't yet forgiven myself.
Wendee, LA

Forgiveness sets you free! It allows for hope to return to you and the person forgiven to not enslave you.
Lauri Miller Molnar, Akron/Canton Ohio

Forgiveness brings more peace to your soul than to the person you forgave. Anger and resentment hold you back, forgiveness moves you forward.
Donna, FL

Forgiveness is one's own release from anger and fear.
Gloria W, Fresno, CA

Forgiveness cannot be earned or achieved by the wrongdoer--it can only be granted or given by the one done wrong.
Mark Anthony DiBello, The City of Angels

Forgiveness makes the heart softer, it heals and gives us freedom from hurt. Live life joyfully.
Carolejane B, West Hartford, CT

I agree that forgiveness is hard to do. However, holding on to anger or pain for a lifetime is more difficult.
Natalie G, Garden Grove. CA