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Fred McFeely Rogers is the man behind the beloved TV show "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". He had a dream to bring education to children and families through television and did just that with his award-winning show. Listen to our latest podcast telling how he got his start, the inspirational figures in his life, how he dreamed up his characters for the show and more.

Friendship. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®


Great lesson from Mr. Rogers :)
Afif BImantara, Indonesia

Thank you Mr. Rogers for filling my childhood with make believe, lessons and good manners! It was always a beautiful day in my neighborhood. :D
Nathalie, Miami,Fl

I love Mr. Rogers. Wish we had more of them today.
Brian Gosur, Michigan

Mr. Rogers was a gentle, kind influence for my children through television. He was also a good man.I miss him.
jwest, utah

Is this podcast on itunes? I can't find it.
jill, orlando