I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

Etienne de Grellet
Quaker Missionary

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I like this quote because it teaches people not to defer any act of kindness, whether it be in word, in kind or action to do it now...for the person for whom it was meant may not be there when you choose to do or may neither you may be there to do it. Don't postpone acts of kindntesses, do it now
Pamela Gordon, Chennai, India

I lived my life this way
Jin Harmer, North Adelaide Autstralia

I too try to live by this quote. It is the simplest yet the best.
Alan, Australia

This has been my mantra since I read this 50 years ago. It simply says it all!
Lucinda, Haverhill

I first learned this quote in 10th grade in Mr. Williamson class.I don't know wheather he was a Quaker but I thank him for giving it to us.I has been words for which I try to live by.And thank you P. Chaffin for helping me reconnect with it.
Robert E. Smith, Washington,Dc

If all humanity follows this phiposophy in life and behave like this , what a wonderful it would be indeed tp pive in
Haniff Mohmoodally, London / Mauriyus

This was a saying my Dad would say and he lived by..he passed it to me and i to my son...such a beautiful way to be in life. I also was a Nurse and totally agree with Suzanne`s comment.
Norma , Scotland

I worked 29 years at the University of Notre Dame and kept this quote taped to my computer screen to remind me every day of my mission to help every student to the best of my ability. Many of my ancestors were also Quaker, a very peaceful people.
Mary, Us

Thanks so much for posting this quote & also the website. Some of my ancestors were Quakers (1600's). If they lived by this and other such ideals, what a great blessing they were, and have passed it on to generations of their descendants.
Nathan, Us

As a nurse I remember this every day, I feel it should be part of our Professional Code of Conduct- if this is not how you feel as a nurse then change your occupation.
Suzanne, England