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We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.

B. F. Skinner
American Behaviorist, Author, Inventor, And Social Philosopher

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Reading opens doors that otherwise may have remained closed.
Saun, Palm Harbor FL

awesome quote.
sophie pella, mckiney tx

If we all taught this way, students would love school.

My Dad always had a book he was reading, and my sister in-law teaches.
Norene Kendall, Spokane, Washington

i love this website
jasmine shaw, brunswick,ga

Nice , I really enjoy this quotes, Thanks God for people like you
Josie Martinez, Dallas Texas

books keep our brain active and make life more interesting. I never saw my Dad without a magazine or book in his hand.
coni harrison, florida

Life long goals...
Imtiaz, Pakistan

Every day theres a lot of new good books and inspiring once that why we should love to read and learn from it.
max crisanto, philippines

Very good quotes.
antwi samuel, konongo

Many people have collected thousands of good books but they do not set a time for reading. That's useless.
Winny, Mambu, Jakarta, Indonesia

All the books in the world serve no purpose if they are not coupled with a passion for and understanding of the importance of reading to educate ourselves and keep our minds alert and well trained.
Bg, Alabama

Make this the basis of all public schooling.
Skip H, NJ