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Believe in yourself shrek

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In the movie "Shrek" the main character wins the heart of the princess by believing in himself despite the opinions of others. Shrek knows that he is not just an ugly, mean ogre; there is much more to him than that. By not doubting himself, Shrek saves the princess from her imprisonment and wins her heart. It is only by believing in himself that Shrek has the courage and self-confidence to succeed.

Believe In Yourself. Pass It On!

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This movie reminds myself that always try
Alison, yoncalla

i like this article

Ever heard the saying don't judge a book by it's cover?!

Just wow like wow like just wow
Bob, Big Mac

dont judge people

don"t judge people on how hey look
leeyah, green ancker point

Shrek is my best friend!
Donkey , Swamp with Shrek

the movie is great and the best thing is that the princess was an ogre in disguise
Sam, Mooresville

Andy Le, Lakewood, Colorado

Believing in myself and in my potential is just what I need to be successful with women. This is what my psychologist says and I fully agree with her.
Marco Antonio , Brazil

It is really good movie,i like it. I'd really like the way they meet each other.
Benshane, Philippines

I liked the happy ending. He had confidence in himself to save that princess...and now she is his wife !
Matthew Qunicy Brown, Brooklyn, NY USA

i loved that movie!
mimi, ohio

aswome cool
alex, nora

This is a nice website thank who ever thought of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ariel jackson, east ledbetter

good news!
james Lin, taiwan

If we were all more like Shrek, the sad thing is though most of us are afraid of loosing what was never ours to begin with so we compromise.
Jana, Texas

Shrek is an American bad boy.
Zak meiser, Cincinnati

I <3 Shrek!
john, ct

I am a big fan the four shrek movies.
thomas, logan