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'Excuse me,' Mallory interrupted, 'would it be OK if we carried her around and she touched each bag?'” Mallory Holtman

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Though Western Oregon senior Sara Tucholsky often dreamed of what it would be like to hit her first home run, she never imagined it would end with the opposing team carrying her around the bases. In fact, her home run almost didn’t become a reality, except for the sportsmanship of Central Washington players Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace.

Sara’s home run came in the second inning of the second game of a double header between the two teams. At stake that weekend was a bid to the NCAA's Division II playoffs. Central Washington needed to win the second game to keep its postseason dreams alive.

When Sara hit her long-awaited home run, players on second and third both ran home, whooping in celebration. Sara, in her excitement, over-ran first base. But when she turned quickly to go back, her right knee gave out. Sara went down in agony just a few feet from first base.

Sara was clearly injured and unable to walk on her own. Her coaches and teammates debated what to do. If Western Oregon trainers, coaches or players helped her up, she would be out. If they substituted a pinch-runner, her home run would be counted as a two-run single. Either way, Sara would lose the only home run of her career.

Central Washington player Mallory Holtman was also a senior—and her school’s career leader in home runs. After four years, she knew the rules of the game and quickly realized there was just one way for Sara’s home run to count.

“Excuse me,” Mallory interrupted the debating umpires and coaches. “Would it be OK if we carried her around and she touched each bag?”

The surprised officials agreed. Mallory and teammate Liz Wallace promptly picked Sara up, gingerly letting her left foot down to touch each of the bases to get her home run.

This act of sportsmanship contributed to Central’s loss. Still, there were no regrets or angry words from Mallory’s teammates. They all agreed—helping the opponent was simply the right thing to do. And the crowd—which had heckled Sara for her diminutive size when she stepped up to bat—agreed, too. When the threesome arrived at home plate, they were greeted with a standing ovation, creating a memory no one at that day’s game will ever forget.

Sportsmanship. Pass It On!

This billboard about Sportsmanship features Sara Tucholsky, Mallory Holtman, Liz Wallace.

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Pass It On®


this is so inspiring

i love this billboard
felicia, toledo

great story.
m and ms

Doesn't this give all of us hope and inspiration to do for other. "Imagine"

it was amazing. help is best in this world....
kamal, erode

Outstanding act of goodwill in the best interest of the game. Mike,Umpire
mike lynch, bayonne,nj

This is like seeing the light it is so inspirational it makes you think about the quote by Mary Dunbar "We are each gifted in a unique and important way.It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light and those two players from the opposing they truly are full of light
Destiny , Arkansas

This is inspiring! I wish I could do something like that.
Emma, Home

Thats pretty cool
Bryce, ND

I'm going through my digital photos after my first trip to New York City. I took a picture of the street sign, Father Duffy Square and a billboard of this story is in my photo. I immediately did an internet search to find out what the billboard is about. It brought a tear to my eyes because I injured my rotator cuff playing softball, the sport that I love, and to see this sportsmanship took my breath away. Go teams! I know you will be rewarded for your great deed.
Donna A, Harrisburg PA

I really loved this story, it makes me want to do good in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ally, Tahiti

How inspiring :)
Ally, Tahiti

that was the true lover of the game.
paul pueblas, philippines

that is an incredible story!those girls really know what sportsmanship is.
Sarah G, Albany, New York

i love these billboards
emma, ontario,canada

Life is not about settling scores,not beating one another in the game of life but it's truly about helping one another in the times of pain.This story is a perfect example to it.
Karunakar Koyyada, Hyderabad

This was a amazing story, keep up the good work! (:
Jordan Caldwell, Adrian, Michigan

What good people do!!! It's how you play the game of life that counts. Great sportsmanship.
Jim, Tennessee

Wonderful!!! I think it would be cool to see these billboards all over Washington DC. Maybe some of the partisans that are keeping our government from tackling the problems we ALL face would be inspired... One can hope. :)
Mark B., Chagrin Falls, OH

I think they had a lot of courage to help her to win. I also think that it was sad that she had stop her career because she hurt her leg.
Kimberly, Des Monies,IA