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Teamwork incredibles

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The Incredibles is a delightful film depicting a family thrown into crisis by a series of mishaps that put a strain on them personally and as a family. Each character has something to deal with-the dad was a superhero and now must work like "normal" people do and out of the limelight. Mom is doing her best to hold things together in their more confined environment as everyday citizens. The children are a little confused about their powers and how to be "normal" in a world that is often more easily dealt with as super heroes. In the end, a world-threatening emergency gives them impetus to shed their human identities and rise to the roles they were meant to fill. Each individual brings their unique talents to bear against a formidable enemy. In the process their personal problems fade and their family becomes an unconquerable united front. Teamwork is not only a good idea but is critical to their survival and that of earth's inhabitants.

Team Work. Pass It On!

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Yoda, Star Wars Movie

yes we can
person, narnia

man, ohio

yes we can:)

Josh, Misisipi

Yes I can

The love the incredibles!!! I love Dash- he is so cute. And yes, family can do amazing things!! -Katie Benham

Yes, we can!
Eric, Ireland

My son & I just watched this movie last night. What a coincidence! This afternoon I saw Ad for Value.com, and here it is, again.
Dan Rudnick, Downers Grove, IL.

stevo, south american

Great movie and hopefully gets me a good grade :I
syd , pioneer trail Chaska MN

The incredibles is an awesome movie.
emy21, somewhere

it told us always stick together :)
Devante Gohagon, New Britain

I never thought about the movie as motivational, but now that I think about it, I guess it is.
mike r, manchester, CT

I love Teamwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Ellard-Pereyra, San Diego, CA

Elastigirl is my favorite mom! I aspire to be like her as a mom.
J. Mercado, St. Augustine, FL

I love this movie
Allison L., MI

i love this movie !!! its a great movie to watch with my family:)
makayla, china

My family does incredible things, too.
cheyanne R., asheboro

"The Incredibles" - this movie is a good representation of teamwork. Other superhero teams in various universes (marvel, DC and others) also show it just as well.
katelyn f, louisville co