Pass It On®

About This TV Commercial

Devotion, perhaps, is the ultimate expression of love for another person. Please take a look our latest TV public service announcement, featuring a captivating ballad by Randy Travis, which portrays people from all walks of life showing their commitment to the ones they love.

Video Transcript

The more I search for my significance,
Seems the more I disappear and I wonder,
Have I made a difference in any body's life,
Since I've been here.

I can hear your laughter,
It's the sweetest sound I've ever known,
I don't know how love happens,
But I know I'm not alone and I do have faith in you.

And after all this time sometimes I see the truth,
And I'm touched by your innocence and now I'm not confused,
You give me your love, the one thing I can't lose,
You believe in me and I still have faith in you.

Devotion... Pass It On.

Devotion. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

I sit here with tears of joy for those who have passes it on to me. I pray i can pass it on.
Hans, Waldorf Md

This is not sang by Randy Travis. It sounds like Bon Jovi.
Karen Wylie, Ball Ground Ga

jasmine, kanata,ontario


YOU just know when that special image, song and feeling needs to be felt....Thank you for making me appreciate the little things time and time again.

They are all wonderful, but this one's a keeper!
Keith Fitzsimmons, Overland Park, Kansas

This is my favorite of all! These are simply wonderful!
Suzanne, Vermont

One of the most heart touching ads ever! Very well done and the song is beautiful, Randy Travis is awesome! We need more commercials like this! I give it A+!
Kathy, Maine

This is the last project my mom did before she passed away. I can now see her everyday. It is special and beautiful and it captures the love she has in her heart.
Bernadette Kemp, Layton, UT

Beautiful! Great job! Love it!
Nancy, Higginsville, MO

needs a share button to share your videos..
Aaron, kc mo

so beautiful to know someone is watching out for you
assumpta, lagos

I saw this beautiful commercial on TV this morning and my whole day was brighter because of it!
Jo, Red Wing, MN

Beautiful! Wish I could Pass this On on Facebook
Ofelia, New Mexico

Very well done thank you!!!
Joyce, New Mexico

While I find your video compelling and sweet, not once did you show a gay couple. You did show two mixed race couples, which is hardly reflective of our population, but how about teaching that DEVOTION has nothing to do with race, gender or religion?
Jennifer, Harbor Beach, MI

love it.
Arliss, mo

Thank you for focusing on devotion as a value to be treasured. This might be the most powerful and effective spot you have ever produced. The words to Faith in You blend perfectly with the video. Keep up the good work.
Mark, Brandon, MS

Can you buy this song by Randy........soooooo sweet.....number one commercial of this year for sure.
dominick, Hudson florida

This is what true life means. I am so fortunate for my family and life!! This video has meaning that words can not describe. Thank you!!
val, pennsylvania