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About This TV Commercial

British orphan Oliver Twist always seems to find a way into our hearts. For this TV commercial, we add our own spin to the famous scene in Oliver’s story when he asks for more food at the orphanage. Take a look as this tale takes on a twist of fate by way of practicing good manners!

Video Transcript

[background music]
I want some more.
What's he doing?
But he can't.
Look at him.
It's just not done.
Please sir, I want some more.
Please sir.
He has asked for more.
Thank you.
Well, he did say please, sir.
Yes he did… and Thank You.
And thank you.
He's a wonderful boy.
I do like the boy!
Please and Thank You. Pass It On.

Courtesy. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

cool shot with a nice feel- who was the main kid actor?
erik, L.A.

Glad it's not just me that feels strongly about good manners! So many people now do not even acknowledge you opening a door or letting them cross the road. And the increase in the number of young bar staff who don't say "please" when asking for your money is getting ridiculous!
Terry, Lancs. UK.

the lesson is to have manners alright?!?!

I believe in good manners so passionately. How lovely to see this message articulated in such a witty, professional and compelling manner.

Wonderful lesson! THANK YOU and SOME MORE PLEASE !!
Concha, Norway Maine

Was watching a football game and saw your commercials and I love them! I can't wait to share them with my daughter. I really like that there is no hidden agenda with these messages like begging money or recruiting for a religious organization. Thank you for these, they are wonderful.
Lori McCormack, Bel Air, MD

Armand Wu, 台灣

I love the message,,,how about "Your Welcome". It seems no problem means your welcome now a days.
Cheryl, Virginia

Wonderful! It´s just amazing what you can do through the media. I wish you the best and thank you for all your work. God bless.
Paul Torres, Mexico

Great video that a lot of kids and adults in this country need to see and learn from. There just seems to be so many people who just don't know what good manners are! I was raise to respect others and so was my child. However, today so many can't even say a simple please, you're welcome or thank you! Well I say thank you for making this video. So show people it doesn't take a lot of effort to say a few works and you just might get something in return for saying it!
Angela Owens, Huntington

Cute! It made me smile!
Debra Brown, Red Oak, OK

Oh your messages always the best!!!
Margaret, Chandler AZ

I love your commercials. I just wish I could share them on facebook..
Dorothy Wilson, Ohio

Pamela, Forestport ny

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this video. Ha! Honestly. I worked as a laborer at a large construction company and within 18 short months I was made foreman of a 30 man crew. It wasn't because I was the most skilled or had the most experience, I didn't. I attribute my promotion to being able to say, "Please" and "Thank you" in an industry pretty much devoid of those courtesies. I knew how to treat people properly.
Thomas Hovsepian, Crowley Lake, CA

Saw this commercial easily 50 times during the ECU-ODU game. It got better and better each time. The main guy is Oscar quality.
mark, Charlotte

This was so perfectly done. The whole production for a 30 second commercial was of the quality of a feature film. The actor who played the Head Master, he reminds me of in look the guy who used to play a Horror Movie host "Sir Cecil Creape" Loved seeing him on the old The Nashville Network. Anyway. Great job, and loved the whole mini movie. I am also wondering where did this commercial filmed? It's a great location.
Leo , Montana

Love this commercial! I tell my kids, "Manners tell other people they matter". Who is the guy that says "More!"? He is great!
Tom W., Dallas, Texas

who is the main actor (the one that does the great faces) in this video? PS. Love your videos and am so glad that you are representing such great values for all to see. Great Job!! Keep it up!!!
Peggy, oregon

Great...simply great!
Guy, Patrick Henry ES