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When we try something new, we are taking a risk. It makes us susceptible to criticism or even ridicule. These are often difficult times when a kind word of encouragement may be all we have to keep us going. Where would any of us be without people who believe we can do the impossible?

This commercial affirms the notion that in the big and small moments of our lives we have to remember to keep going-to live our dreams. Bon Jovi's anthem, "We Weren't Born to Follow," provides a triumphant crescendo for this public service announcement.

Video Transcript

[electric guitar being played poorly]
Girl: That sounds awful!
Girl: Seriously awful!
Teacher: But a lot better than last week!
[guitar music]
[lyrics] We weren't born to follow…

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On.
A message from the Foundation for a Better Life

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

The child has practiced every day to improve the guitar, practiced day after day, but still sounds bad, even so, he knows that with time and persistence, improve and be a good musician im so happy for him FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS KID! :)))
Zach, California

Thank You! You make my heart glow!
Zach, Diamond Bar

Zach, California

DeeZ Nuts
Deez Nuts, Deez Nuts

Thank you!

The child has practiced every day to improve the guitar, practiced day after day, but still sounds bad, even so, he knows that with time and persistence, improve and be a good musician

This video motivates you to follow your dreams , your goals no matter what people will criticize or simply do not like , if you like , never give up .

We can either be the word or the criticism. We all need to learn how to work on how to stop & think before you, "striking our words." I think this commercial was awesome at directing it's audience and getting it point across.


Great motivation! Keep going :)

Es un video reflecto o que te motiva a seguir tus sueños, tus metas sin importar que la gente te critique o que simplemente no le guste, si a ti te gusta, nunca te rindas.

It helps me to keep going on. I love you guys.

these music videos make my day/
william cole, aberen wa.98520

That's cool
Landyn, Kansan

I was just vegging, watching METV, saw the 1St infomercial that ever inspired me to connect. Perusing excellence is a worthy ambition, run with it!
Donald Pugh , 95656

Saw for the first time while staying at a hotel in Williams, Arizona and wept. They are finominal. Thank you, thank you for all of your work...a great way to teach young and old the basics that our parents taught us but have gotten diluted in the last 40 years. Keep up the fantastic work. Hope to see them on TV daily.
Megan, Arizona

What strikes me is how much the young guitarist looks like Dale Earnhardt Sr. at that age...Another guy who never gave up.
John M, Ontario, Canada

As I once wrote in my autobiography: Somewhere around this time, I was plunkin' away on the thing in the living room, when my mother screamed at me to "get out of the house with that thing!" I ran myself out the front door swearing that I would never play guitar again...but instantly, I turned my attitude around and just as fast, I swore to myself that I would learn to play it and make something of myself with it. That was my first ever positive affirmation, and I didn't even know it. It's funny how far into the future a little negativity can propel you.
kenny lee norton, St Johns, Florida

i always tell my students you have to be bad to be good to be great !! and we've all been there
Image , Toronto

These spots, ALWAYS make me cry...
Thomas Berg, Seattle