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It has been said that "love makes the world go round." In fact, the love of a parent, spouse, partner, friend or family member is often what helps us through the good times and bad, and makes life such a beautiful journey. We hope you will enjoy this celebration of love set to the iconic song "I Will Always Love You" performed by Charice.

Video Transcript


And I... will always love you
I... will always love you
You, ooh

I hope
Life treats you kind
And I hope
You have all you've dreamed of
And I wish you joy
And happiness
But above all this
I wish you love

And I... will always love you
I... will always love you

Love. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Can't never get enough of this song
Sushil, Antelope, CA

Stirring ! I crave love this in the commercial....
Julia, Al.

I have been praying for love to show it self in the heart of man, 2016 was hard to deal with but, seeing this New Year day BLESSED ME !!!! Thank You
Lenetha, Ft Wayne IND

Great website and content
Allan, Omaha, NE

it made me almost cry its really good
AARON, rockport Texas

love is a amazing thing
emma, rockport

I wish you love!
Gene, Pennsylvania

Wonderful message
Rosemarie, WI

Great , life saver

I love this commercial! Especially refreshing during these turbulent times!
Jan, Wisconsin

Love this commercial alot of meaning to it and charice rocked the song
Sabrina, Jersey city

My attirude has turned around alot since seeimg your gratitude commercial. I am more gateful for everything that i have been given. Thank you so much for opening my eyes.
Chonita, Akron Ohio

Love, love, love this commercial. Thank you for all your positive commercials.
Louise, Augusta, GA

Thank you for sharing this amazing video. It is love that keeps us from hurting each other. Therefore, we must love one another.
Juan, Fort Worth

A lovely commercial made with such a tremendously powerful song... A historical song. And the voice. Charice. So often have many people tried to sing a Whitney Houston song and never do her justice, but I was truly captivated by Charice's voice. My compliments!
Desiree, Larksville, PA

A great commercial. It's really touching and awesome, but I am kinda disappointed that it didn't show at least one lgbt couple. They r just regular ppl that experience love too.
Justin, Memphis, TN

Elaine, Los Angles

I needed that so much negative thought on FB about he cruelty to aminals
Robert, Eartj

Thank you for bringing beautiful, peaceful, moral, kind and soothing videos at a time when it seems everything is just the opposite.
Ron, Tupelo, MS

Awesome commercial
Connie, Wellsboro pa