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About This TV Commercial

Often dubbed the "most fun" of FBL's spots to shoot, "Reach" was filmed on a beautiful day. The two actors were indeed cruising down the open road. In the close-up shots of the guys in their Jeep, however - as with most similar shots of people in cars - the Jeep was actually being towed. Cameras were mounted on a camera trailer alongside of the vehicle.

Randy Bachman, the singer/songwriter of "Takin' Care of Business", was excited about the spot, and the two actors played off of each other very well. The concluding line - "Saved the day!" - was unscripted. It came naturally to the actor, the director liked it, and the team decided to keep it.

Video Transcript

Passenger: Whoa, dude!
Passenger: You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
Music: “People see you havin’ fun…”
Driver: Yeah, I’m going to cut the gap
Music: “just a-lying in the sun…”
Passenger: Yeah...(laughs)…sweet!
Passenger: I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it. I’m going in…
Music: “it’s the work that we avoid, and we’re all self employed…
Music: “We love to work at nothing all day…
Passenger: Whew!
Music: “and we’ve been takin’ care of business, it’s all right…
Music: “takin’ care of business, and working overtime.”
Anncr: Integrity…pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.
Passenger: Saved the day (laughing)
Super: Integrity…pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life

Integrity. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Loved the video; certainly gives you morales to achieve and inspire to others.
Angela, Phoenix, AZ

I hope you folks never stop doing what you are doing. I only wish EVERYONE would see your website.
ken , Spring Valley, IL

We also need compassion, honor , loyal, self service , and duty

I've watched this video more times than I can count, and I love it more each time I see it. I'm an administrator at a treatment center for at-risk teens, and this video has been part of our higher-values-based curriculum for the past 3 years or so. Everything about this production is spot on---the story itself with its deft manipulation of stereotypical images that "spring load" the viewer's mind to expect the worse; the choice of songs; the two actors, each of whose perfectly disguised performances taught us at once about the value of "doing the right thing when nobody's around, while cautioning us not to judge others by their appearances. Cast and crew deserve Oscars all around! Bravo!
Barry, St. George, UT

Always try to do the right thing

I think the message was that you need to help others because if that was you you would want to someone to help you out aswell. I think I would probably leave it because it is dangerous and just tell the truck driver.
Emma, Ontario

I love, love, love this commercial and it's message. Keep up the good work!

at first i thought those guys were going to steal those glasses,but they wern't

I like Bachman Turner Overdrive singing Taking Care Of Business being sung in this F.B.L commercial

Greatest Ad of all time!!!!! Brilliant concept to portray
Bob Rodgers, Belize, Central America

Now that was a very good thing they did!That was very nice of them.Please keep integrity going.
Daniel Graham, Louisville Ky

A very nice gesture! If everyone act like that, the world would be a better place.
marco, brazil

why isn't this a commercial that we see?? great message don't dog the bikers though.......I see they didn't take advantage of a situation
Jomama, bowling green oh.

This commercial is so cool. Need more creative commercials like this on television today. Keep them coming!!
Bryan, Indiana

Need more commercials like this! Rock on!
Imnotlemonlime, Miami Florida

@lexkuloot I agree all the GOD BLESS EVERY 1.
Ozzyzombie, Nc

LOL this is so funny!
Pinky, Bethelehem PA

Great.. showing integrity is still in now a days im still having my practice teach and i was task to discuss integrity.. GREAT JOB.. :) GOD bless everyone..
LexKuloot, Bukidnon

These comercials are so cool! I love them and this one had a great ending! Great job people!!
me, ...

I love your adverts, can you broadcast them in Singapore?
Cassandra, Singapore