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Respect is to show polite regard and consideration.



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  • “We were taught to respect everyone, especially those who were older and wiser than we were from whom we could learn.”

    —BeNeca Ward Author Of "3rd Generation Country, A Practical Guide To Raising Children With Great Values"

  • “Confrontation should always leave a person's dignity in tact.”

    —Dr. A. J. Anglin

  • “Respect for right conduct is felt by everybody.”

    —Jane Austen Novelist

  • “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.”

    —Richard David Bach Writer

  • “I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

    —William Butler Yeats Poet, Nobel Prize Winner

Stories About Respect


Submitted by Anonymous

Respect is a very important value in my life. Especially manners. Please and Thank you are words that can make a difference...

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Njhs Disaster

Submitted by Chrissi

In middle school, I was involved in our school's NJHS. We did volunteer work for the community. Every year we held a charity...

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Grandma Anna

Submitted by Judy Goligoski

"Pa, I don't want to get married yet". These were the words of my Grandma Anna in the summer of 1904. She was 19 and was to...

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Everyday Hero Stories


My mom is definitley my hero. She is always there for me and i needed her to know that. She cooks, cleans, helps me study,...

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Harold A

My father, my mentor, my friend. It is said that a man's life is directly effected by his father's example. If this is so, I...

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Jorge M

My hero is my husband, Jorge. I met Jorge when I was at a very difficult point in my life. I had just graduated high school...

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Respect something we need into our country to make this world seem better and healthier.
Pre'Ha, Brunswick,Georgia

thanks for the infos. Respect is very important indeed! :)
Rachelle Perez Pascual, Balian, Pangil, Laguna, Philippines

Exactly Mary and ILima!
Suezel, Irvine

Good parenting is many things but none greater than giving the gift of a grandparents wisdom and love. if you have been through a broken relationship, do not take it out on the grandparents of your ex-spouse just for spite. You will leave a void in your children's lives they can never get back. Teach your children to respect the elders just as would every other important thing and encourage them to love their grandparents, no matter what side they come from.
Paula, Montana

I believe that respect should be honored and cherished, not taken for granted.
Toni, Ohio

I'd like to be the kind of person that when people come in contact with me and leave my presence, they feel better, not worse.
Jamie, Maui

Respect is just another way to say I value and care for you.
lLima, Trinidad

Respect should be shown to all living things, not just to humans. The non-human animals that this planet are too often overlooked when we talk about respect. What a lonely place this would be if we didn't have them.
Mary, Utah

you can spend your whole life telling yourself how much you love someone but it's not really love until you give it away!
john, honold

Respect = (honor + dignity + value + recognition + esteem) - apathy
LCD, California

Respect must be the foundation of all relationships ... ALL
Terri North, Home

Respect other people and yourself.
Katlego, You have to respect your self

Respect is the sure way to greatness.
Daniel, Jos

estoy asiendo un albun sobre el respeto para el colegio pero no se me viene nada a la cabesa me pueden alludar con sus ideas
natalia , colombia

Without respect there would be conflict everywhere, its the reason we get along with each other.
Macy, Reedley,CA

Without respect there will be no peace.
Robert Stewart, Bethel, Alaska

Emma Marquez, San Diego, Ca.

Respect is a part of everything that we do. As long as we can say "Well done" or "Keep going", we will all succeed.
Richard J., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Respect is your #1 priority.
carmen, somewhere texas

Respecting yourself is a main thing in life. So your family, friends, and animals know who you are. Don't give up on that respect, keep it going, but mainly don't lose faith on your respect of others. Life is worth living, so why not live it.
kelsey mcbride, swansboro nc