Sacrifice is to give up something of value.

Sacrifice brooks dame

  • “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the courage to surpass others at whatever cost, but the courage to serve others at whatever the cost.”

    —Arthur Ashe Professional Tennis Player, Civil Rights Supporter

  • “The soldier, above all other men, is required to perform the highest act of religious teaching — sacrifice.”

    —Douglas MacArthur American General And Field Marshal

  • “Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.”

    —Bertrand Russell Philosopher, Mathematician

  • “Nothing so much enhances a good as to make sacrifices for it.”

    —George Santayana Philosopher, Poet, Essayist, Novelist

  • “Give unto me, made lowly wise, The spirit of self-sacrifice; The confidence of reason give, And in the light of truth thy bondman let me live!”

    —William Wordsworth Poet

Stories About Sacrifice


Submitted by Kelly

My brother showed the act of selflessness everyday in the short 24 years he was with us. He not only made the ultimate ...

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Hard Knock Life

Submitted by Anonymous

My mother is an inspiration to me because she has been through many complications in her life. Although she has been through...

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Submitted by Tooa


During the 2nd semester of 9th grade, there was a new kid in our math...

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Everyday Hero Stories

Michael M

Michael A. Monsoor was a SEAL with Delta Platoon, SEAL Team 3. During deployment in Ramadi, Iraq one night, a teammate had a...

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Matthew Gordon

My Hero is my Husband Matthew, Not only is he my high school sweetheart but he is my wonderful loving Sailor. Matthew spends...

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Ajay A

Ajay is a legend of all time. He is an eminent social worker, an engineer, painter, singer, elocutionist, administrator,...

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I found my passion for softball last school year and joined the modified softball team at my school. I don't live in town, so my dad had to drive into town to pick me up almost every day. I started crunching numbers, with gas having been so expensive during softball season, and I just realized that my parents spent $197.76 just on gas for me to play softball for three months. Now, that is sacrifice.
Sarah G., Greenwich, Ny

The ONLY time one sacrifices must be for a higher value.
Richard C., Crown Point, In

Sacrifice is giving up something of value for something of higher value.
Bruce Willingham, Warner Robins, Ga

Check out September 11 10th year, pay it foward event. It's on Facebook and what you do is do a kind act to three people and ask those people to pass it along, or pay it foward. Love the commercial for this website. That's what brought me here!
Jennifer W., West Palm Beach, Fl

Its beautifully said. If giving up a little can bring a smile on somebody's face, then we should think that our work is done.
Rina G., Secunderabad, India

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