is to play fair, with courtesy, and to gracefully lose or win.

“The only way you can truly control how you are seen is being honest all the time.”

Tom Hanks (born 1956); actor, producer, writer, director

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991); Writer, Cartoonist, Animator

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”

Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906); playwright

“Lose as if you like it; win as if you were used to it.”

Tommy Hitchcock (1900-1944); American polo player

“Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.”

Josh Billings (1818-1885); [Henry Wheeler Shaw] humorist, essayist

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A Witness to All Competitors

June 2, 2012 Ohio State High School Track Championship,Division III Girls 3200 meter finals: 16 girls enter the race to become state champion. As the 15th place contestant is halfway down the home stretch, with the 16th place competitor comfortably behind her, the pace of the competition overcomes her and she collapses on the track. She struggles to get up…

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SportsManShip Many years ago I was playing a co-ed soft ball game. It was a rainy day the game was all tied up in the 7th inning. When the first batter got up and hit a double the second batter hit a single. So there was a female on second and a male on first. The next batter hit a…

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A Splash Outside the Pool

In a message to East Rockingham Principal Eric Baylor, ERHS Swim Coach Debbie Coles recounts her team’s first swim meet experiences: “I wanted to let you know that our first meet went well. All of our swimmers did an amazing job in the water, but it was what they did OUT of the water that got a lot of attention.…

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Dance Nationals

I am writing this story to express the important value of sportsmanship. A while ago, my traveling dance team participated in a nation wide dance competition. This competition is very hard and the atmosphere is far from friendly. As we walked off stage after completing our dance, the next competing team snickered at us and gave us dirty looks as…

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I'm a rugby player. I'm 5'11", weight 150lbs and only 15 years old. Not exactly the profile of someone that would expect to be careful in a rugby match. That's wrong. My school had gotten into the county cup for rugby and we were in our 3rd to last match of the cup. We went about 2 hours on a…

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Sportsmanship One day at practice in the gym that is as big as my house. I was our daily warm up of free throws. I overheard one of my teammates talking about how she never got to play a lot of our games. I go over to listen a little bit more, “Coach is always playing the same five people…

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Base hit of a lifetime

I wanted to share a very special moment that my 11 year old son Brain gave a group of 40-50 kids and parents last night at our baseball game in Churchville, NY. Brian was pitching late in the game and we were winning 7-5. Bases loaded, 2 outs, it was getting dark and it was about to rain. A boy…

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The Girl Who Could

There was a girl in my gym class. Everyone considered her a total spaz when it came to kick ball or basketball. So when we had to choose teams, I was team captain. I had the first choice and my friends told me before hand not to choose the girl. Well I saw the girl standing there away from the…

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Everyday Hero: Michael

He got eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics and is a professional swimmer.

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Everyday Hero: Derrick

The idol I look up to is Derrick Mason, WR now for the Texans, but known for the Ravens and Titans. He's always been a great WR that plays the game well and fights to win, stays out of trouble, and is a great person. I will always look up to him in my life as my hero, even when…

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Everyday Hero: Cody


Story by Doug Warner A Bossier little leaguer does something generations of baseball players have done time and time again - he argued with the umpire. But this 13-year-old's antics have become a Facebook sensation."I came home that night and was just so proud of him, so I always post things for my parents and family to see," says Cody…

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Everyday Hero: Taner


//www.kesq.***/news/0310-desert-chapel-shows-incredible-act-of-sportsmanship/-/233092/24909702/-/t2yso6z/-/index.html I put *** after the kesq. This is the link of the news story.

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Everyday Hero: Clay

The person I look up to the most is Clay Matthews. He's an linebacker for the Greenbay Packers. He is so inspiring because he made me want to become a linebacker too. Also in his first season he has 11.5 sacks 1 interception and 36 solo tackles (in 11 games). Just being a rookie, he's having a great season. Clay…

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Watching this commercial right now as I type on my home TV. I enjoyed it immensely. I wish I had learned this lesson more while in HS sports.
Ariel 9 months ago from Wisconsin

strikes goes to the glove
pete 10 months ago from ard

Pain is temporary, pride is forever. Don't sit and complain about losing that game, be proud that you were able to compete and respect the other competitors.
John over 1 year ago from Canada

Life is too short to care about winning or losing. It doesnt matter, life is too valuable to waste so just live your life to the fullest, live like you were dying.
Austin over 1 year ago from pennsylvania

Be fair.
austin over 1 year ago from pennsylvania

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