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Teaching By Example is serving as a desirable model to others.

Teaching by example1

Holding the light

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  • “Old people love to give good advice to console themselves for no longer being able to set a bad example.”

    —François Duc De La Rochefoucauld Writer, Moralist

  • “The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.”

    —Anatole France Critic, Writer

  • “Teachers: two kinds: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can't move and the kind that just give you a little prod from behind and you jump to the skies.”

    —Robert Frost Poet

  • “Personally I do not resort to force - not even the force of law — to advance moral reforms. I prefer education, argument, persuasion, and above all the influence of example.”

    —Rutherford Hayes 19th U.S. President

  • “It is not so much the example of others we imitate as the reflection of ourselves in their eyes and the echo of ourselves in their words.”

    —Eric Hoffer Philosopher

Stories About Teaching By Example

The Connection

Submitted by Anonymous

Like most of my fellow actors in New York I was "between jobs" and making ends meet as a lunch waiter in a small high quality...

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Kindness At The Vet

Submitted by Anonymous

In tenth grade, I began volunteering at a veterinary hospital that was run by a family friend in order to get experience for...

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Turn The Corner

Submitted by Anonymous

When I was twenty, I won a statewide pageant. Along with the scholarship came the opportunity to be a guest in other pageants...

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Everyday Hero Stories

Fu L

Fu - this man is a true hero. I've watched him everyday, as he gets up early to go to his difficult and dangerous job and...

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Laura A

Heroes are people who want to see you do well. Laura went out of her way to encourage people she knew to go to college. She...

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Manuel S

My hero is my grandfather Manuel. He is one of the orignal Navajo code talkers. He is still alive. 90 years old. He fought in...

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You have a really cool website
Ankita, Mumbai

I love this
Judah, Corwin

At home, television, school, street, church. Every day we deal with different people in all that influence and are influenced, we must appreciate what we see and not to be taken away by bad examples.
Anderson, Colatina, Es Brasil

Sometimes it is not that we go out of our way to teach somebody a good value but to just be there to lead them by being ourselves. Good habits as well as bad habits are enough to change someone’s life if we do our best to always be a good example then we should have nothing to worry about.
Brandon Ellis, Kenai Alaska

You bring a smile time I open your site. Thanks so much.
Ajay A., Il