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My Favourite Toffee

Sharing is a very satisfying value. When you share, you open your heart to the other you share with. My mother used to share her lunch with her cooks and maids. She never started her meal without giving to others. I watched her as a child and wanted to do the same. One day, my father came back from office and...

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You're Worth It

Everything starts in September 22, a girl was born in Puerto Rico, named Angelina. She was in this word for a purpose. And in November 27 her brother Alex was born. When she was 2 years old her mom broke up with her dad leaving him and all her family and move to a far away place. But nobody knew why. Her mom was...

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I'm Sorry

My son Luke was 12. Luke's friend, JT informed him that his friend, Julian was saying negative things about him via text. Luke wanted to resolve it by fighting but it never happened. I had said that Julian would never come over our house again. Then a while later, Julian showed up at my door and apologized very...

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Math Is A Hard Subject

it was my first year of 5th grade and I was never good at math. Yeah math is a really hard subject but it's going to help you in life so one day I was at math and I did a quiz and I was saying to myself oh i'm going to get a bad grade i'm never going to pass but I used what I know on the quiz and I was being...

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Rocky Road To Happiness

Hi im Khadija im a 25 Year old mom of a 4 year old. Now i've had my share of good times an bad and this is my story and i wud like to share it with u so here goes..... It started from small i grew up on the mountain with my mom an dad i'm no brothers an sisters i have a sis but she was already big an off living...

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One Man's Story & Breaking The Silence On Male Eating Disorders

I am a 25-year old male with cerebral palsy (CP) & recovered from anorexia nervosa (AN). Both majorly impacted my life. I was bullied because of my CP. I felt alone and with no friends. This affected the development of AN; I became obsessed with my weight/appearance. My CP caused me to "stand out" and I didn't...

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"Little Lexy,Send Your Kite To Heaven"

Little Lexy send your kite to heaven. Today I bought a kite for little Lexy. This is March and Lexy's Daddy passed on to heaven last March. March is the month for flying kites and I am asking you to flying the kite to your Daddy. Your Daddy Jeffrey was an awesome Daddy and an awesome friend to my son, Michael....

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My Life

I used to be mental, weird and dumb, with weird love and a small heart never handed work on time, always got phone calls home, always get in trouble, suspended and almost expelled! But , one day I saw something that changed my life...and I want to share it with u!!! I saw this Quote..."Live your life as an...

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"Aunt Julie And Her Son, Carl"

Aunt Julie wasn't" really" my son,Michael 's aunt and Carl wasn't "really" is cousin, but the both "felt" like family. They had a qualities of loving their fellow, the same qualities that my son Michael and I have. You see both Aunt Julie and Carl are looking over us from heaven. Aunt Julie passed on to heaven...

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One Story Changed Her Life... Now She's Living Her Dream!

Experience the true story on how a woman's forgotten dream is brought to life! Jenny Fandel was the dean's office assistant at a local high school. After giving up on her dream to be a singer decades ago, Jenny's life changes forever when she encounters two former students, Dalton Wiechmann and Daniel Murphy,...

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Love Yourself

My story isn't yet finished but I'll try my best. My name is Selena and I have epilepsy.theres a couple of more things wrong with me but that's the main one. This isn't something that anyone should have and I hate it. I don't get a walk or a marathon like the other handicapped kids. There's a foundation but...

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No Filter Function.

So there's this saying, "anything goes." What does that mean some might ask? What it means is no rules. A lifestyle that has disenfranchised itself from the rest of the world. I only live in America, land of the free, home of the "not so brave anymore". We are a dumb society.Generally speaking, Our culture has...

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Young Minds

The value of understanding young minds is something we all come to under-appreciate or not value at all which is quite odd since we all were young once but grew into adults thinking we knew what was best. The twenty-first century has become one of the best generations to promote that it is acceptable to be...

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If I Could Go Back In Time

The people that have had a major influence on me are the most important humans’ beings and they are called a family. But before I start telling how these human beings changed my life and made me learn something about myself, let me start describing to you the place that we spend most of the time together. The...

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Music For The Elderly Please Help!

Good evening, My name is J. Alexander Batista, I'm a senior nursing student at Florida Southern College and a proud member of the United States Navy's Nurse Candidate Program (NCP). I have grown up watching the messages from Values on the television and I am now old enough to appreciate the significance it...

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