Mircle Worker

I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in March of 2009. I had a 20-hour brain surgery to remove two brain tumors and lost my short term memory. I had to quit my job, and had no income coming in. I was so very scared about how I was going to support myself;I was worried that I would become homeless. At my treatment center, their social worker Sandy, got my SSD started and helped get me financial help in a week. She also got me on medical and she gave me personal help. She is just a fantastic person and a wonderful, wonderful human being. If it wasn't for Sandy helping me, then and now, I would not be alive. Sandy took all my stress away and after having cancer the most important thing is to be stress free. I can't praise her enough so this is my way of giving back to Sandy. She is a miracle worker.

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Sad story is she still alive?
Ryan , Minnesota

good story
Chuar, Mn

Wow that's amazing.
Brooke, Yangebup