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Over the last six years I have learned what patience is. Growing up I did not have this value and it is a very important value to have. I always wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. Now I can see that if you are patient you will almost always get what you want if you are supposed to have it. I gained patience when I lost my freedom. I knew that I would eventually get it back in time.

I was locked up in prison for a period of six years. The first couple of years were the hardest. I was always stressed out about any and everything. Time was dragging by because I was always paying attention to it. While I was locked up one man that I talked to helped install this value in me. He told me that it was possible that he would never make it home but that being patient and believing that one day he will is what had made him a better man. After a while I realized why he said a lot of the things that he said to me. Once I stopped paying attention to the days and just kept in mind that I would be released when it was my time to go, it seemed that my time got a little easier.

Now I am home and can see that patience paid off for me. I now use this value in a lot of my daily activities. I know for a fact that sometimes life gets hard and that if you don’t get discouraged and stay patient it will pay of it the end. So if you are having a hard time in life, be patient and it will eventually work out one way or the other.

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