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A New Beginning

I used to think they were my best friends, the people I could count on but they weren't. It was during my 4th grade I had my two best friends Nina and Gilbert. I had known them since the 1st grade and we had gotten along just fine (or so I thought). Later on I started to date Gilbert and he became overly possessive of me when I would try to break up with him.
The following year I moved to a new school. I was shy and didn't talk much. The first day I made no friends. I felt alone.
The next day right after school as we waited for the intercom to call our buses, I felt someone pull on hair.I quickly turned.
"Why did you pull on my hair!"

"I'm sorry I must have pulled it while I was stretching."

I turned around without saying another word. I had seen my teacher's eyes widen and I didn't want to get in trouble.I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

"What is it?"

"Well umm...I haven't seen you at all last year and since I was absent yesterday I was wondering if you're a new student?"I nodded, she smiled."Then welcome to De Zavala Elementary!I'm Alondra Reyes nice to meet you!"

And that's how it all began. She introduced me to new people and I made awesome friends, true friends!And I swore I would protect them because they all saved me and they didn't even know! Then in the 8th grade Alondra told me she had always wanted a best friend and then I came along. I felt so happy. Now I'm a Freshmen and I still have my dear friends:Logan,Raeven,Mari,Arnold,Yvonne,Theya,Terri,Maggie,Naya,Allie,and my best friend Alondra.
Thank You Guys. You Saved Me!

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