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There is a boy I know who used to always get picked on. He was insulted, he was pushed around, and he was taunted by bullies. One day, he decided he couldn't take it anymore, and he wasn't scared. When the bullies came to pick on him, he wanted to stand up for himself. Then, one of the bullies was about to throw a big punch right into his face, and that's when he suddenly felt scared. But, then, something miraculous happened to him. A friend, a true friend, went in front of the boy and got punched in the face instead. A teacher came out of the school and the bullies ran.

It was then that, for the first time, the boy had a real reason not to be afraid of the bullies. He didn't have to be afraid because he had a friend, a true friend...And from that moment on they were friends for life.

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This is so cool. Wish more story to come. Love you so much. Happy Father's Day to all.
Arlene Joy A., Philippines

It is amazing that people can ban together to taunt a person, but its precious that it only takes one to stop it. Some people feel all alone in the world and are afraid of everything, including living. But it only takes one person, one kind act, one compassionate heart to make a difference. It can save a life no end it. Its sad the person had to take a punch no matter who it was or be threatened to...that person is someones sister, daughter, mother, aunt, niece, brother, uncle, grandmom, poppop. We are all different and have different capabilities, but love should come natural. I am glad they became and remain friends.
Laura M., Hazleton, Pa

I'm glad that you are friends for life. Thank you for your story, I love it.
Lucy D., Mcminnville, Or

I think that is so cool its really inspiring.
Megan.G, Oregon

I have a friend who would do that for me, we are really blessed that we have friends who would do that for us.
Autumn, Ohio

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