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The Small Moments That Can Light Up A Day

I have a Rewards Card for Showcase Cinema that allows me to earn rewards points with each purchase that I make at the theatre and periodically provides me with a free popcorn, soda or movie ticket coupon. I had recently accumulated enough rewards points to obtain a coupon for a free popcorn. Standing in the...

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So I'm stuck in O'hare airport on an extremely long weather delay, pacing up and down the terminal for some exercise, when I pass a wine bar for the twentieth time or so. But this time there is a young woman behind the roped off piano, playing what I can only describe as absolutely beautiful classical music. ...

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Don't Just Walk By

The university I attended had many students about 35,000. One early afternoon I was walking around the campus and found a female student sitting on the walkway with tears on her face. Everyone just walked by her so I decided to stop. I dropped my books and sat down on the path with her. It turned out that she...

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A Rainy Day

Let me tell one real story that happened a year ago . **I was driving in heavy rain ,it was so heavy that I got totally blind like ,so I stopped at a gas station . From parking lot to office of that station I walked on foot as rain and thunder scared me not to stay in the car .** when rain did not stop for two...

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You Can Be Different

My parents had split up and my sister and I were in a foster home. It wasn't a nice place to be and all of the children were eventually removed. It wasn't a good start in life. Some of the kids that were there were already well on their way to a life of crime. Waiting for the bus one morning they engaged in...

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An Arranged Marriage

Here is my story . The journey of a new life that I took with my husband has grown step by step, ……….Life indeed has come a long way… We had an arranged marriage, but love blossomed with the years sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly…its been an adventure we set out on together, discovering each...

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Loud Silence...

My inspiration is my son name John III, unfortunately he challenges obstacles everyday within himself diffcult to understand others. He has a big heart and a creative mind, but with a diagnosis of spectrum of autism his becoming is different and unpredictable everyday with a exposed motion I called loud...

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Two Sided Help

My friend Kelly is a drug addict who has a good job as a pharmacist in a hospital despite her family not supporting her and escaping a violent boyfriend, but the addiction she never felt was a problem until she was suspended and charged for theft of narcotics. She called me suicidal, her current boyfriend furious...

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Thanks To Those Who Dare To Demonstrate Your Support!

i support 3 special needs adult clients in a group home environment. My clients are special needs adults and it is my responsibility to see that they get a good dinner, get their meds, stay relatively safe, and take care of their personal hygiene requirements. There is one other responsibility that is both the...

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Cancer An Easy To Go With Courage

When I found out I had Bone cancer, I was discouraged by the news. Little did I know the other serious health issues that lay ahead, which would create serious new challenges for me over the next year. I could tell something wasn’t right with my right leg after my trip to Tirupathi in 2012. A visit to local...

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Hardwork..The Best Gift Of My Mother

Looking back I never thought at the time that we were poor. I always thought about trying to help those in the village that were poorer that we were. It was a sugar cane settlement housing workers that worked in the sugarcane fields. My mother, a cane cutter, had all thirteen of us well disciplined and by her...

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Polaroid Heart

Four days post-surgery. Benign polyps, out. Unintentionally along with it, parts of my insides also ripped out and 2 litres of my blood due to complications from stitching also siphoned from my body. In life, we are given these pearls called reminders. A wake-up call that we are indeed alive. This weekend, I...

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Against All Odds

I was once told because I lost all my children to social services that I would amount to anything. That I was at a disadvantage on all levels. For twenty years I have prayed the same the prayer for my children. That prayer was that we all would be reunited, In 2013 I was reunited with my youngest sons, in 2014 I...

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The Engagement Ring

I was meeting up a guy chosen by my parents, a proposed suitor, before our marriage was arranged. It's a normal practice among Indian parents to choose spouses, who they deem fit for their children. I was nervous about the entire episode. This was something I never did before. I failed to understand how one could...

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The Horse Always Has A Reason

I was in a Parade with My horse Bella. An Appalosa mare. We were riding along and she had lots of energy as normal. My mom was walking her as well because it was her first parade. We hear something like gun shots and my mare squats down but her feet slipped and she fell. I got off safely. And she got up bucked a...

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