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Polaroid Heart

Four days post-surgery. Benign polyps, out. Unintentionally along with it, parts of my insides also ripped out and 2 litres of my blood due to complications from stitching also siphoned from my body. In life, we are given these pearls called reminders. A wake-up call that we are indeed alive. This weekend, I...

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Against All Odds

I was once told because I lost all my children to social services that I would amount to anything. That I was at a disadvantage on all levels. For twenty years I have prayed the same the prayer for my children. That prayer was that we all would be reunited, In 2013 I was reunited with my youngest sons, in 2014 I...

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The Engagement Ring

I was meeting up a guy chosen by my parents, a proposed suitor, before our marriage was arranged. It's a normal practice among Indian parents to choose spouses, who they deem fit for their children. I was nervous about the entire episode. This was something I never did before. I failed to understand how one could...

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The Horse Always Has A Reason

I was in a Parade with My horse Bella. An Appalosa mare. We were riding along and she had lots of energy as normal. My mom was walking her as well because it was her first parade. We hear something like gun shots and my mare squats down but her feet slipped and she fell. I got off safely. And she got up bucked a...

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Amazing Friends

i know a few people and they say that people with disabilities cant do the things we do or that you cant really make a friendship with them. i look at them straight in the face and say your wrong. i met so many young and old amazing people with down syndrome and other disabilities, who i have made many friends...

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My Struggles In Life

Being in school is torture enough, but to know that no one likes you is even more upsetting. When you know that someone actually likes you it is the most amazing feeling in the world. Well one day in school a boy came up to me and told me he liked me,and at that moment I felt unbearably happy. We started...

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You Aren't What Others Say.

At an auction I was at a pony came along. He was to tall,soft backed (a condition in Gaited ponies and horses),a seemed crazy because he ran into a rail. To start the bidding my mom put a $50 bid on him. Of course someone will pay more than that but no. "We are going to have to find him a home even if I have to...

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Essential Self Management Tips All Students Should Know

7 Essential Self-Management Tips All Students Should Know Being a student, especially in the later years of high school and the college years, can be a time when you are finally given the independence that you craved. At the same you haven’t learned exactly how to manage your life between the educational and...

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My 3awesome Heros

I have an awesome husband who made my dream come true to see my family recently that I haven't seen for over 13 years. He drove over 8000 miles in 28 days. I'm so grateful especially since my father just passed away thanks to my husband I was able to see him and my awesome 2 amazing sons got to meet him and bond...

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This incident happened over two decades ago when I was in high school.There was a debate competition in my neighbouring school and me and my friend volunteered to participate in the debate,there were many topics to choose from and I choose to speak on AIDS..this topic was almost taboo in those days as people were...

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It was a sunny day in Mumbai and I was out shopping,in the Crawford market area for my loved ones back home in Bangalore.Was feeling excited as I was about to go home after a duration of six months.I had just passed by a restaurant which runs on charity and serves the needy called Shahjahan,there squatting on the...

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A Simple Wish

From a young age, my parents have taught me the importance of giving generously to the less fortunate. Out of habit, whenever there is something I can spare, I give it to someone on the streets. Last week, as I left the house to run a few errands, I carried with me some old clothes, a handbag and some food to...

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From Notebook Paper To Notebook Computer,Cartooning Is My Passion

In grade school during the 70s, I loved reading the Peanuts paperback collection. Then in 1975, I started drawing my own comics in class. My classmates became my readers. My teacher would remind me not to draw in class while tossing my work into the waste basket. I learned about rejection early on, so I...

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How My Boyfriend Inspired Me To Stop Cutting

I was around 11 when I started cutting, and I am 13 at the time of this story. It started when I had a really bad day. I cut myself again after being cut-free for over a year. I was really upset about it. But then, I called my boyfriend. I don't know why I made that call, but I'm glad I did. I left a voicemail...

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Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated...

One day, my mom and I were leaving PetCo after picking up our dog. On the way out, I noticed something on the ground, I reached to pick it up and realized that it was a debit card. I gave it to my mom, and she took it back into the store and gave it to the cashier. Then we got into our car. We were about to pull...

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