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Wonderful Parents

My parents are very talkative and I do believe that most parents are also the same. Since I was a kid, I never really listen to what they're saying. I ignored their advice and I end up in that position where I desperately need help in fixing my life. I cried at that time and I decided to talk with my mom. She...

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My Love, My Friend...

He was the wind beneath my wings, dedicated father to our six children, someone who held me up in a pedestal as his Blue Rose, my best friend and husband of 20 years, until his last breath of life at the age of 49. He has always been there to take care of the household while I pursue my career. Me and my...

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Will Return, Sister!

I grew up with a sister like no other. My sister is the oldest of our 12 siblings from the same mom. Despite the fact that I was 3 years younger than her, my sister has always preserved me like I am at her age. She surely is the number outgoing person and the definition of sisterhood on planet earth. She knows...

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You Can Overcome

Values.com came into my life when I needed it most. As a victim of domestic abuse I wasn't quite sure of what I was experiencing or where to turn. Values.com inspired me to be strong and courageous. Now I leverage values.com quotes in my public presentations that focus on domestic violence awareness. Thank you...

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Sadness And Love

I am in high school and I am 14 years old. My story is mostly untold, until now. It is currently November 2015. In September 2015, my great grandma died. She was sick and old. We were very close. She was in the hospice for a few weeks, and I would visit her. I remember once I was visiting her, she was sleeping,...

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My childhood was not great, divorced parents and being raised by a stepmother who clearly did not know what love was. Every Christmas, I longed for a Victorian doll house. I would wait up anxiously hoping the doll house would be under the tree. Every Christmas the little girl awakened with a broken heart. Fast...

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If He Could Do It, Anyone Can.

As a fourteen-year-old girl, you may think that the biggest problem you can probably face is fail one of your classes in High School, but not everything is as easy as it seems. My parents are going through a lot lately, we recently moved from Houston and bought a house in Dallas, and my dad had almost no money...

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Little Things Mean So Much.....

Being a mom, disabled the past 22 plus years, with kids who are now adults and on their own I've learned little things mean so much. I'm disabled by severe chronic back and nerve pain. It's invisible to most people which is a blessing and a curse. Eight back surgeries, countless procedures, medications too...

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Fighting Spirit!

I had just a very wonderful day but, all my days are always wonderful to me! But today was completely different, today there was a bulletin board saying that they'll need to find Volleyball players for the girls and I was so happy! I love playing volleyball when my mother taught me how to play. I was so excited...

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Know Your Worth

I was 17 when I met a guy, I thought he was the best thing that ever happen to me, we dated for 3 years and I became pregnant with a beautiful baby girl, the guy and I was on and off he then started to change he cheated on me while I was pregnant stressing me out hurting me emotionally and physically, he started...

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After Death, Life.

On Christmas day of 2012, my partner of 16 years very suddenly passed away as we were getting ready to Skype with our families for the holiday. He took his last breath in my arms. My life was ripped apart. I have periods of time I do not remember. I now know, a broken heart is a very real thing. I stumbled...

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Undying Hope

I thought I had hit a dead end. I dropped out of college and did odd jobs to make ends meet. People ridiculed me., but I trudged on. Friends thought I was getting crazy. I did not care about the title of my job. All I cared for was that I managed to make money, enough to take care of my family and pay the bills....

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Irish Country Boy Born In Ireland Became Security For The President Of United States

"A family friend told me at the age of 19 years old in Ireland, I could be anything I wanted to be in America" ... "So I did" .. At the age of 20 years old I left Ireland with a "Green Card" Visa to America with no job in place. A month later after my arrival I joined the US Army and Graduated from Aviation...

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A Wonderful Elderly Dad

I am 51 year old man who is dealing with an sick and elderly father, 88 years old. Throughout my life, although I loved my father and I know he loved me, we never really got along, never saw eye to eye on anything. Over the past 1-2 years, as his health started to fail, I have come to realize how very much I...

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Life And How It Leads You To A Path You Would Never Expect

I was quite a late starter in life. I never dated till I was around 18 and I dropped out of college after getting a good opportunity at higher education. Nevertheless, I found myself unemployed at 20 with a girlfriend who had just managed to hold onto her place in further education and we were living off a £5000...

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