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Never Lose Hope In Life!

I've been in a deep depression for two years now. I've lost everything: my pets, my self esteem, and especially my brother. Life was absolute torture for me. I was constantly bullied in school, I was punched in the face, and I was exploited to the highest content. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided to...

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Beleive In Yourself—No Matter What!!

When I was 11 I thought nobody loved me or cared for me, so I tried to kill myself. I tried to overdose on medication. Thank god for my mom. She walked in I was on my bed and I told her that I took antibiotics. She rushed me to the hospital and I stayed there over night. Now I think back like, life is so good and...

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The Fabulous Smile

On World Humanitarian Day ( 19th ) August, I wanted to write about an incident that happened yesterday. Last evening, I had gone shopping with my daughter. We stopped at a chemist's store to get some medicines. Next to us, stood an old man with a walking stick. He gave a list to the shop keeper. As he...

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The Life Of An Aritst

At the age of six I fell in love with art, in grade school art on Fridays was what I looked forward to each week. I remember making Christmas ornaments out of card board toilet paper rolls for the Christmas tree. All through school art was my main interest because there were no mistakes to be made, Art provided...

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Caring Is The Best Virtue

We all have heard of take care after own family or pet or any guest or any child or any aged person but today I want to tell about a lady who has created lots of inspiration in my life by making an example or examples by her caring attitudes towards green plants, as we know, in today's world, as we are...

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A Shiny Gold Coin

One summer, when I was little, my dad built me a lemonade stand. On sunny days I'd set up outside the local car wash with a cooler and my little black safe. I didn't get many customers but I always had fun, whether I was reading a book or adding puff paint decorations to the safe and signs. One customer I did...

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Life Full Of Regrets And Joy

In the 4th grade, no one really talked to me that much and I felt like a big loser. I really liked this girl. Let's call her Jenny. Jenny was very pretty and nice but when I when I told her my about my freelings, everyone made fun of me. I started acting really mean to her. She hated me then. In fifth grade I was...

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Strong Determination Always Wins

It is the true story of my cousin brother named Kaushik Mazumder, it was early sixties when he was born and after completing two and half years after his birth, his two legs were badly harmed with polio, that time, in India, there was no oral dose, vaccination ...

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Whoa Is Me...Not!!!

My roots are ingrained in helping other people. When I was employed, my beliefs were put to the test. I was fired from my company for assisting another injured employee. The result of this firing was my election to a full-time Union Rep by my peers in 12 states, and as a result, their best interests are now...

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She Still Inspires Me

It was 1978, I was of 10 years old and used to stay in Calcutta, I could not forget that year as this city faced a disaster that year, flood in Ganges river hampered the normal city life, our school remained closed, one of school friends named Sandhya used to stay in ...

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Never Giving Up In School

When I was younger back in elementary school when I was in preschool and kindergarten, I struggled in school. Mostly I had trouble with reading and writing and I mostly cried a lot at school because I didn't like school. I always get in trouble when I was younger and my parents would always get mad at me but then...

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Show Honesty

One day I was out with my family and we came back from shopping and we were on our way to our car. We had to pass the street to get to our car so in front of us was a man he was taking his phone out and he accidently dropped his money he had. I was the only one who saw this so I picked up the money so I thought...

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My Music

I started out playing a recorder in elementary, wanting to learn how to read and play music. The only thing was, I was far behind the class, so I couldn't read or playing the notes in order to make a sound. Over and over again, I tried my very best to understand and learn how to play the recorder. After time...

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Reading Is The Way To Go

When I was a kid I didn't like to read. I didn't get a lot of accelerated readers point. When I was in 3rd grade I used to get in trouble that I didn’t read and I didn’t have enough points. When I was in 4th grade I wasn’t in the in the gate class for the first week and then after the first week the moved me up...

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Work Hard

I am always working hard because I want to have a good life in the future. I do my best to do my homework and play basketball. Although I have a hard time in my house because of video games, I try to finish my homework before anything else. In basketball, I try not to lose the ball and make my shots. I try my...

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