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Sacrifice brooks

The procedure is dangerous and very painful, but I knew it was the right thing to do.” Brooks Dame

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When Brooks Dame was in high school, a friend of his named Jessica was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease lupus. Thanks to specialized treatment made possible by bone marrow donors, Jessica survived her bout with lupus.

The experience of watching Jessica undergo treatment lingered with Brooks, who remembers, “I had grown up with Jessica, and it really got me thinking. A lot of people in this world need a hand or help in one form or another. If I was sick and someone could donate bone marrow to help save my life, I’d really appreciate that. I’ve been so blessed with small miracles throughout my life that I thought maybe I could help someone out with a small miracle of their own.”

That empathy and desire to give eventually motivated Brooks to overcome his fear of needles and sign up for a bone marrow registry.

A year later, Brooks received a phone call about a potential match. A man in his 30s, who had a wife and small children, was fighting a desperate battle with leukemia.

“I was nervous, but I thought a lot about that man,” Brooks remembers. “This was his last chance at surviving.”

After a series of tests (including needles), Brooks flew to a hospital in Denver for the bone marrow donation.

“The procedure is dangerous and very painful, but I knew it was the right thing to do,” Brooks says. “The more I thought about that man and his family, the more I hoped that my small sacrifice, in some way, made a difference.”

Afterwards, Brooks was still afraid of needles. But what he’d gained was much greater than fear. He had learned it was worth just about any sacrifice to know he might have prolonged another person’s life.

Sacrifice. Pass It On!

This billboard about Sacrifice features Brooks Dame.

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This story motivated me to donate my organs.
Brendy, Milwaukee

Brooks Dame is very brave and strong. He is a hero, because he doesn't even know the person, but he gave an important bone to them! I wonder if he is still alive?
Vanessa, CT

keep giving to those in need
Daniel, NC

This was a awesome story and a very giving story :)
Trinity, NC

This is the definition of sacrifice
Jay, Plattville

He is such a nice, kind person to give his bone marrow to someone
Reyna , Rowland Heights,CA

Very Brave!!!! Brooks is really a modern day Hero
Farishta, United States

Very Touching
Sofie, Pulaski

WOW!!! I meet Brooks Dame in El Salvador as a LDS missionary. I knew he is was a great man, but know I Know he is a HERO.
Yessica Selva, Panama

WOW! Awesome!
Brad, R

so generous
starr, houma

WOW that is awesome!!!! He is a true hero!
Lily Sykes , Raleigh NC

Great story, I mean a really good one.
james zell, adrian

WOW! Brooks Dame is truly a hero. He gave up something important for someone who truly needed it. He is a truly amazing man.
Hannah Sayen, Pulaski, Wisconsin

He sacraficed giving up his bone marrow for a stranger. That's going above and beyond! Way to go Brooks Dame!
Ron Mickelson, Portland, Oregon

Over the years I have observed that true love is not based on romance and walking along the beach. It's based on compromises and sacrifices!
Aiman, Pakistan

Very brave.
Sammie S., Austin, Texas

Wow. This person redefines the word sacrifice. He considered what he did a small sacrifice, but he saved the life of a stranger.
carly l, south carolina

We need more unselfish and unconditionally loving people like this young gentleman in the world.
Joanne Peterson, NH

What a great gift Brooks gave to this man and his family. I hope the person lived to get to know Brooks.
Teresa I., Utah