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Overcoming adam

Let us play!” Adam Bender

About This Billboard

Adam Bender is an amazing example of the value of "overcoming." His story, told in his own words, spotlights his tenacity:

"My name is Adam Bender. I am a 10-year-old cancer survivor, and also a sports enthusiast.

“When I was born, I had a large tumor in my left thigh, and I had to have my leg amputated at the hip when I was a year old. Because of this, my parents didn't know if I would ever be able to participate in sports. At an early age, I began to show an interest in sports and chose to start with soccer. I quickly learned to adapt my style of play with my crutches and never looked back! Next I decided to give baseball a try, and thanks to some wonderful coaches, I found another sport I loved. These two sports helped me make many friends and learn to be part of a team. The desire to try new things led me to challenge myself with flag football, where I played quarterback for two seasons. I've also started wrestling, and just this winter, I won the state championship for my age and weight. I love playing on a team and I am thankful that my parents have allowed me to go after my dreams.

“I hope that when others see me play, they will be aware that a physical challenge can be overcome when you have the desire and you believe in yourself. My wish is that all children, no matter what their ability, who want to play sports be given the chance. With the help of my family, I want to start an organization that will help kids with physical challenges be able to participate in sports. In my own words, ‘Let us play!’"

Overcoming. Pass It On!

This billboard about Overcoming features Adam Bender; athlete, cancer survivor.

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u are a brave boy
kymora , austintownmiddleschool


So so sad
Kali, Kirklin

Let Us Play!!!! Amazing!!!
Virginia , Virginia

you are an inspiration!!! Keep up the faith and good work!

Never give up
Maya D., Anonymous

Your story is very inspiring for us all. Thank you very much!

You are amazing!!!!!!!!
Marianna, New York

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really inspire me, keep being you

Good luck Adam Bender

kenny, ny

This is a real Hero...! Let him PLAY....!
Mazook, Boca Raton, FL

Wow your story is very inspiring to me andi am sure anyone who reads this stay strong
robert jenner, Oklahoma

lance, philippines

One word: wow. just wow. Amazing. cool. epic. keep trying. (That wasn't exactly one word.)
Jeremiah Jung, Evergreen Elementary School


this is amazing

you are the best person ever
syncer, two river ms