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In the frenzy of a classic birthday party with a shower of candy from the bursting piñata, we discover one disappointed young man without a single piece. Someone notices and transforms the memory from sour to sweet by _sharing_.

Video Transcript

Sharing…Pass It On.
A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Sharing. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

We see this - sharing - happen all the time when we have our family pinatas. It's how our kids learn! Keep it going.
DG, Texas

Loved it!
Olivia, Pinehill Lane 21337

I actually had that happen to me once! I was at a birthday party when I was little and when the part with the pinata came, the other kids took all the candy before I got any! I was very sad! Nobody shared theirs with me, and I had to have the parents give me other candy that they had! I cannot believe how MEAN kids are these days! When I throw my kids parties, i'm going to make goodie bags instead of having a pinata! I don't want anyone feeling left out!

One way of caring is sharing
Unknown, Unknown

sharing is caring

I loved that the little girl is sharing her candy with the little boy that didn't get any
Selena, Ohio

This video shows that we have to share even if we have a few. we do not have to be selfish with the others because one day we will need their help.

Who is the little girl in the commercial? She is a double for my Granddaughter Chelsey.
Sheri, Virginia

good video
jose david, san antonio

it starts somewhere and when u care it shows
Claudine, Guam

I enjoy these, wondered who did this, It`s uplifting, true and pass it on. Thank you and I will.
Sandra Merz, Phoenix

I like this video because it is about sharing and it can be useful in school. because if you are learning about being kind to people then that is the right video
Hend, Dubai

Okay, thanks alot, I just used up my box of Tissues on this one. LOL Thank you for making my day,
Leo, Montana

Does anyone know the guitar music in this commercial?
Lilly, Avalon

Everytime I see this commercial I get tears in my eyes.
Phil, brooklyn,ny

That little girl looks exactly like me when I was younger.
Tori, Virginia

We watched these all the time at my school. It helps people learn it made me cry a little bit it is just so sweet!
kelly h. , tennessee

I wish someone would do that for me.
theresa , new zealand

That was nice to see that even kids who are 4 or 5 even know the importance of sharing.
jose s., glendale heights

This one personally hit me so much! that exactly used to happened to me in piñatas when I was a kid in south america, I was very shy and all kids used to get all the candy and toys. Sometimes it was a nice kid that shared with me sometime it wasn't, The thing is that if you teach your kid to share it will make him/her a better person. This made me cry! what an awesome job they do with this commercials!
Taly, Boca Raton,Florida