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In a lighthearted moment at a senior center birthday party we discover that it is never too late to "Think Young". "You Make Me Feel So Young" adds just the right touch of nostalgia and fun to this celebration.

Video Transcript

Crowd in Unison: “Happy Birthday”
Old Man: “Thank you dear, very much.”
Nurse: “You’re welcome!”
Old Man: “Thank you.”
Lyrics: You make me feel so young.
Friend: “Look who’s coming…”
Lyrics: You make me feel so spring has sprung. And every time I see you grin…
Old Woman: “You’re not fooling anybody, you know.”
Lyrics: I’m such a happy individual.
ANNCR/SUPER: Think young, pass it on.
Lyrics: Moment that you speak
ANNCR/SUPER: A message from the Foundation for a Better Life

Live Life. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

i love it. Good job!

Very humbling
Beverly, Florida

how sweet
Lisa Limbaugh, Sunny fort Lauderdale Florida

Love this commercial , you inspire people to laugh at themselves as well as to imbrace their age. Bravo!
Lisa, Kingston, NS

Who is this gentleman
Annie, Blackshear GA.

this is a little funny to me but this taught me that always think positive about my age and never think to old or to young.
Mackenzie , Killeen ,TX

i know I'm only 10 but i understand getting a little older is a big deal and i would celebrate w/ a little celebration
kemiyah, killeen,tx

How is “feeling young” a value and why should senior citizens have to feel “young?” They’re not young and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This ad seems to imply that a 90 year old who feels like a 90 year old is failing to live up to some virtue and that’s hogwash! In some cultures, senior citizens are revered for their longevity, life experience and wisdom, but not in ours. Our society is hyper-focused on the young and beautiful. We’re bombarded with messages urging us to hide the fact that we’re not as young as we used to be, messages like “make those wrinkles disappear” and “wash away the gray” and “feel young.” As for values, how about appealing to young to respect their elders and encouraging all people to accept and embrace who they are, whatever their stage in life?
Arnold, Connecticut

I love this! It gives me something to look forward to (I'm 72!). thank you for the inspiration!
Karen, Sacramento, CA

I like this one. Plus, the song You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra is a really good one because it does have the theme of Think Young, which is also portrayed in this video, too. :)

that's cute and funny:)

So tasteful. It had charm. Humor and pathos
Jerry Esten, California

Very Cute
Reagan , NGA

We've watch this in class before. It really made us cry.
Yza, Philippines

That was beautiful as the rest that I have watched. They really touch the heart.
Celeste, Ocala

Love it! All your commercials tug at my heart. Very inspirational keep up the good work
Colleen, Ontario Canada

Wonderful. How can I share on Facebook?
vick, louisville, ky

Love it! All of these videos are wonderful. So positive, fresh, enjoyable. Thank you for producing them.
Annell , North Carolina

I watched every one of your commercials and I wish there was a thousand more to watch! So wonderfully inspiring... some funny... and I have my eye dobber here to dob away the tears. So creative and realistic... brings out the memories and realizations... ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE! You are the best inspiration to date for our world... KEEP IT UP!
Kathy, SouthEast Oklahoma

I love ALL These commercials its never too late to make someones day wonderful stay young!!
Jessica , Colorado