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About This TV Commercial

This stirring anthem from Garth Brooks combined with poignant images from around our planet encourages, inspires and challenges each one of us to get involved with people’s needs both close to home and around the world. “Do Your Part” is a personal appeal to make a difference in our communities at a time of great need, which is also a time of opportunity. Pass It On.

Video Transcript

This ain't comin' from no prophet
Just an ordinary man
When I close my eyes I see
The way this world shall be
When we all walk hand in hand
When the last child cries for a crust of bread
When the last man dies for just words that he said
When there's shelter over the poorest head
We shall be free
And when money talks for the very last time
And nobody walks a step behind
When there's only one race and that's mankind
Then we shall be free
Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith, hold out
We shall be free
We shall be free
We shall be free

Do Your Part. Pass It On!

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I love this song!!!!!
Alex, Merritt Island,FL

Love this song especially this verse: "When we're free to love anyone we choose When this world's big enough for all different views"
Michelle, Syracuse

I LOVE these videos! I have used them as a teacher and found them to be a great way to share important messages in a way that gets kids' attention. Keep up the great work Foundation For A Better Life!!
April, PA

I saw "Finish Line" on TV, and had to come to the website. And then I saw this one, and now I am bawling even harder. This is a very moving video. Does Garth proud, I am sure.
Jessica Smith, Buena Park, CA

Beautiful illustration of an already packed with potency "Garth" song
Sandi Shaw-Deyo, Katy

Every word is so true. Am deeply touched. Thank you.
Jacinta Rao, Botswana

Hi, Just saw this commercial on tv and had to immediately visit your website. And I am so glad I did! I anticipate discovering many inspiring thing as I explore it in the days to come. All the best, Leasa Fortune
Leasa Fortune, Baltimore

play this at my school
alex rameriz, san diego

Touches me deeply each time I see/hear it. Thank You and God Bless
Barbara Turner, Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you Values.com! Thank you Garth Brooks! Thanks to all the beautiful people in the video. Very, very moving spot, emotionally touching and uplifting. Great spot, design, photography and production....thank you technical staff.
alfred, woodland hills, ca

loved the guys on the subway and how people can come together
kris, gilman il

Love this so much! Thank You.
Gayle, Michigan

robert parkins, Bay Area, Ca

Just wanted to thank you and welcome back!! It is heart Warming to see people who still really care about our Country. You provide a rare service. "In God We Trust" ! Thanks!
Roger, West palm beach, fl.

This video really touch my heart I would love to see the entire performance of all especially the guys on the subway
linda, ohio

why the short version? thank you for opening hearts.
monica, florida

This song is so amazing!!!! It isn't about just America. It is about all the world. One time or another we all come together in unison.
Lindsey, Florida

There is something so charming and endearing about the Lady in the African dress. Her little smile and that small shake of her head is so heart-warming. Her attitude says it all.
Charlie D., Wyoming, N.Y.

This song is a great message for all of us to hear and a great song!
Ricardo moreno, EL MIRAGE AZ

I think that we should help our community and do what this song says. It's really sad to see people suffer a lot.
ricardo moreno, el mirage az