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See our new stories and new campaigns at PassitOn.com! Our first video features Joshua Williams, who at the age of 5, started his own non-profit to feed the homeless. To date he and his friends have fed over 300,000 people!

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About This TV Commercial

A frustrating moment in traffic is usually short-lived but can put anyone into a bad mood. Likewise a kind gesture in those tense situations can have a positive affect on the person receiving our kindness and, of course, on us. "Let 'Em In" is sure to bring a smile when you recall this happening in your own life. We hope you will enjoy this simple reminder.

Video Transcript

Livin' in this crazy world,
so caught up in the confusion.
Nothing is making sense,
for me and you.
Maybe we can find a way,
there's got to be [a] solution.
How to make a brighter day,
What do we do?
We've got to give a little love,
have a little hope,
make this world a little better.
Work a little more, harder than before,
make this world better.

Caring. Pass It On!

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What is the song called
Piper, Clarksvillie,AR

I love these commercials! This world needs more feel good moments! The guy waiting to be let in looks like Luke Bryan's lead guitar player, Michael. Keep on what you are doing!
Amy, Leesburg, GA

need to share this on tv again
mry, fayetteville ohio

always remember
kindperson, toronto

It was very nice of them
Todd, demoplis,AL

I don't watch TV but saw one of the values.com ads in passing last trip to NYC. Awesome footage. I'll certainly pass it along to the important folks in my life. Thanks for carrying the torch.
TomTravisMac, gv, az

You have a commercial which has the song 'You feel up my sense's" by John Denver, with beautiful pictures of nature which fit to the words of the song, It was great emotions of how beautiful things could be with very little effort but love. I thought and for a moment my heart leap for joy. Thank You.
Sylvia, jupiter, fl 33478

I'm a new driver and I'm totally blown away when someone lets me in. BTW, the song on this commercial is Give a Little Love by Ziggy Marley.
Margarita Valencia, Santa Cruz, CA

I saw this Commercial on Tv which brought me to this website. I spent the entire day crying over all 55 videos. I emailed everyone in my address book to watch them to be inspired. I am truly blessed and thankful to all who have produced and directed these videos and may you continue to do so. To the public, please continue to include the recording artist name and song title for those of us who are not familar with their works. My deepest thanks to everyone who had anything to do with putting these website together.
Paula Garcia, Baldwin Park, Ca

I love theses commercials, I wish the were on more frequently so the messages become an internal reminder for people. It is easy to become distracted for positives when one is bombarded with negatives. I feel so good when I exercise traffic thoughtfulness!!
Paula, Detroit

Love what you're doing. And it's important work. The soapbox derby commercial brought tears to my eyes-- and I'm a 69 year old guy! Thank you.
Leslie, Little Rock

Who's singing that song?
Reid Soria, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Thank you.
Karla, Wisconsin

Thank you for these kind commercials. The commercials make me feel happy. A great reminder to say 'hi' every day, that passing on kindness is free-just a good heart is needed (as stated by someone else).
Karla, Wisconsin

My classes love this video and the music. Where can I get a CD copy of the music?
Coleen, Clarksville

Love this commercial. Wish more people would actually do this. :)
Abby, Chicago

My eyes get watery when I watch your commercials.
J. Gonzalez, Miami

Kindness costs nothing (but a good heart) to give - receiving kindness can really make someone's day - we can make the world better! Thanks.
Mary Ann Aalto, St. Francis, WI

A small act of kindness making a difference in a person's life...making their day! Anything as strong & as big as a polar iceberg melts in front of a genuine act of kindness!! Keep up the good work!
Get., Awassa,Ethiopia

They are not selling a product. No capital gains in these videos. They do it to share a humanitarian message. I see these on all my watched channels. Has to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars! Yet.. they keep making new ones. AMAZING! I love all these messages! Humanity for a better life! Keep up the good work!
Rhonda Blain, Maybee, MI