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About This TV Commercial

Civility binds us as a society. It denotes respect. It allows us to disagree without being disagreeable. Civility encourages different points of view. This message, which we feel is both timely and relevant, brings home this important concept in a town meeting that is entertaining and instructive.

Video Transcript

Man: Well, you're wrong!
Woman: I'm wrong!? You're the one that misrepresented the facts!
Man: I misrepresented the facts? Are you kidding?! Your proposal is ridiculous!
Woman: You have no right to call…
Man: You are the worst example of politics!
Woman: I stand for something!
Man: You flip flop!
Woman: I stand for something!
Man: Flip flopper, flip flopper!
Woman: Your proposal's ludicrous!
Man: My proposal will go exactly the way I say it will.
Woman: Over my dead body!
Girl: I think somebody needs a time out.
Man: I motion, that I be issued the time out.
Woman: Wow, me too.
Man: Yeah, for sure. You should get a time out.
Woman: I apologize.
Man: And I motion that we, uh, I, start showing more respect.

Civility, Pass It On.

That's the power of one.
One grain of sand can turn the tide,
One single spark can light the night.
One simple dream,
One gentle word,
One act of love from someone,
Can start a chain reaction.
It all begins in the heart,
In the power of one.

Civility. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

People should be respectful

It's a good video and I like the background music

i think this video means that whatever happens or wherever you are, you need to show respect.
Sophia , Diamond Bar ,CA

i think this video meant that no matter what happens or where you are, you need to show respect

love good values
angie , foreston mn

Christine, Sayreville,N.J.

thank you for the awesome commercials I really like timeout civility my wish already there were is the love honesty spiceal needs kids
angie, foreston

We're is the love honestly and special needs kids and my wish for you I really love you commercials keep up the good work pass it on
angie, foreston

We're is the love honestly and special needs kids and my wish for you I really love you commercials keep up the good work pass it on
angie, foreston

Awesome love commercials honesty am already there civility
Angie benedict, foreston

Civility, how profound it is. This commercial depicts it genuinely. I think its a good reminder to those who have lost sight of it. How to just be civil to one another. Its a very simple golden rule we should follow by in everyday life, unfortunately in today's society people forget how to do that. This is something we should all see and live by each day.
Leona, Massena, New York

I thought I wanted a divorce, but this video made me change my mind. Every marriage needs a little civility. Every relationship, period!!!! Sometimes.....you just need a time out.

Civility pass it on.PASS IT ON PEOPLE!
Zach, Diamond Bar,CA

That video almost make me cry!!!!
Zach, Diamond Bar,CA

Can they just keep showing this commercial over and over and maybe send it to business's ethnic class's or meetings. Let's say even are town commerce.. It's a start..

Love These commercials. It's about time morals make a comeback in today's narrow minded society.
ErikEstrada, Garverville, NY

keep making more I love them the collage one I started crying
emma, la

All your commercials are GREAT !!! Keep up the good work.
Rita, Cincinnati,OH

Well done. I give it a "C" for Civility! (which in my mind is an "A") - TheCPlan.org
The C Plan, Natick, MA

Awesome video! Out of the mouths of babes! I wish EVERY politician in Washington, DC could see this one!
Carolyn Beville, Matoaca, VA