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There is a special something about successful people. Even when they fail there is an inner strength that keeps them moving forward. Popular books share insights and often delve deep to explain this phenomena with sports legends, business executives, scientists, inventors, educators and artists.  We think you will enjoy a charming but instructional moment in a young ballerina’s life with Justin Bieber’s “Born to Be Somebody.” This young girl reminds us that underlying every accomplishment in the face of opposition is the all-important trait of Confidence… Pass It On.

Video Transcript

MOM: Jessica! We need to leave right now!
JESSICA: I need to get something.
BROTHER: Dance recitals are so boring.

There's a me no one knows,?Waiting to be set free.

MOM: So what’s the empty suitcase for?
JESSICA: The grand prize trophy!
DAD: Duh!

SUPER/VO: Confidence… Pass It On.
The Foundation for a Better Life.

Confidence. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

She is so adorable!<3

i love the show it was cute
demiyah, ambers

Confidence is the key
Mikey , School

never mind

This is to anyomys i think thats how you spell it it is the song born to be somebody by justin beiber. (look on youtube)

i love the song at the end and i like that she belives that she will win.
Jessica, RI

aw she belives in herself even when she hasn't won.
jennefer , ri

really good commercial

she shows confidence by already putting in her head that shes going to win

It's short, but good nonetheless. I do believe she's a great example of someone who shows confidence when in a opposition, so much so, I find it kinda charming.
Jesse, RI

All kids and adults should see this!
Crystal, Fredericksburg, VA

How cute hope she got the trophy
Alexa.m alexander, Cheboygan Michigan

believe in yourself
Christine, Sayreville,N.J.

This video is so beautiful
Joshua, 19110


that is so cute and what is that song at the end of the video

that was pretty cool

sososo cute
cesceliem., ny

the video was great
Damon craft , cal

she is sooooooo cute!awwwwwwwwww!
jasmine, kanata,ontario