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See our new stories and new campaigns at PassitOn.com! Our first video features Joshua Williams, who at the age of 5, started his own non-profit to feed the homeless. To date he and his friends have fed over 300,000 people!

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About This TV Commercial

"Hope" is a montage of scenes that match the song, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." The song is "hopeful" and uplifting, so it was a wonderful assignment to select scenes that would, as the song is doing, lift the viewer up and hopefully resonate with some experience they have had in their life.

Video Transcript

Looking in your eyes I see a paradise?This world that I found is too good to be true?Standing here beside you, want so much to give you?This love in my heart that I'm feeling for you
Let 'em say we're crazy, I don't care 'bout that?Put your hand in my hand baby, don't ever look back?Let the world around us just fall apart?Baby, we can make it if we're heart to heart
And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever?Nothing's gonna stop us now?And if this world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other?Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now?
Super: Hope…pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life.

Hope. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Great video! Very touching and reveals a great message. I use it often to share with my students. :)
Abeer, MI Michigan

Razia, Harare Zimbabwe

pass it on
geo, missouri

Love this. Spent hours watching. Inspirational and touching. Great to know organizations like you exist.
Elayne , Los Angeles

Wow, what inspiring messages in your videos. Hurray for values.com. The word you pass on is larger than the differences we share on this planet. It's unfortunate that the mass majority of our human race are on the same page of peace and humanity for all, but a small percentage creates all the problems, tensions and violence in our world. I hope your inspiring work helps to change the minds of those who are misdirected.
Allan W, Lincoln, California, USA

The most beautiful video !! I wish so much that one day the world can have peace, one day the violence is over, and the flame of hope is increasingly on. World peace, peace for all, regardless of religion, race, color, faith, nationality ... PEACE FOR ALL!

it is amazing and I really enjoyed it and thanks

Great work..
Ada a Davila, wisconsin

Best and most inspiring commercials ever.keep fighting for the good.
Annette, Chicago,il.

Ajay, Mumbai, India

I really love your foundation!!! Keep fighting the good fight.
Ruth, Asheville

I use these videos in my classroom - the students really enjoy them. The one on positive peer pressure fit well into my team-building activities. I had them script and present the conversation that took place before they returned to the store. Thanks for providing this resource!
David Scott, Long Beach Jordan High School

I enjoy your commercials. They offer a positive message without any additional baggage. My thanks to your foundation and the media networks that support your efforts.
Eric Davis, Oregon

Shirley, Issaquah

Don't look back. Each new day is a blessing
JohnA, New Jersey

Thank you for making these videos. They inspire a lot of people.
Ashley, Charles City, Iowa

Hello. I am originally from Nicaragua. I am an international student. When I was in Nicaragua I used to watch the commercials on the TV. Is worth to mention that these commercials helped me a lot to build up my values. It is very touching and has a great impact in the lives of many including mine. This video of hope makes me believe that there is a future waiting for me. Thank you!
Erikson, Wisconsin

Anybody knows the names of the singers?
Fungu C. , Canada

Yes, there is HOPE, we can all change the world for good in our own little corner of the world.
Brigid Sullivan, Morris, N.Y.

how to share the video on fb?
kaye, phils.