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About This TV Commercial

Before the filming of "Locker," the director asked the young men and women in the cast: "who do you most identify with, the bullies or the boy who gets his books knocked out of his arms?" Almost everybody said they identified with the student who was being bullied. This indicates how widespread school bullying is.

The young female actresses in "Locker" also talked with the director about the differences between girls and boys when it comes to bullying. This discussion later inspired the idea behind "Cafeteria." It was a hard spot to film, not technically, but because the crew watching the filming sympathized with the boy being bullied. During the scene where the young man is picked on, many people working on the spot felt a sinking feeling in their stomachs, "like you'd had something bad for lunch." That the scene touched the cast and crew that much is indicative of how relevant the message is to all of us.

Almost everyone who worked to make "Locker" had witnessed acts of bullying firsthand, and was able to relate to the situation. Some had even seen people step in to help others out in situations where they were being bullied. "Locker" models a positive example of reaching out to someone else in need. It also positions the athlete in the spot as part of the solution - not part of the problem.

Video Transcript

BOY: Hey Travis…
BOY: Get some friends, loser!
HELPFUL BOY: So, are you all right, man?
HELPFUL BOY: Let me help you out.
TRAVIS: Thanks.
MUSIC: Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend.
HELPFUL BOY: See you around.
MUSIC: I’ll help you carry on…
ANNCR/SUPER: Character…pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Character. Pass It On!

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i wish in high school people did that
johnny, killeen/texas

Thats sweet most people wont do that these days
Kristen oden , Alabamma

This touches me
Jessie, Washington

Growing up in Ohio, I was a recipient of bullying. It is devastating, especially as a child. Wish I had a superhero like this jock. One person of good character can make a big difference in the lives of others.
Doug, Florida

Love, Love, LOVE this clip!
Salsa, California

So good to see that there are still good people in the world. Like this clip
Sylvia, Malta

So happy to see that this kind of stuff is getting a stop put to it
Jennifer, BC

i love the song

At least there are still good and caring people in the world. If not, it would be NOT a good world
Justin, California

I love it so inspiring
Kierstin, Ff

The good guy should have gone to the bully and escorted him back to the books scattered in the floor and requested that the bully assist in picking up the books. He wouldn't be so quick to humiliate someone next time.
Mick, Ashland, KY

That was nice.

This video shows that if you see someone get hurt to always help them.
brianna.k, white Middle

This jock decided to bully a kid that day, and he made him drop all of his books on the floor. This one guy came up and helped him pick them up after he saw what happened. He showed his true character that day.

It's nice to know there are still good people out there!
Ben, Ontario

Food for thought

that was very nice of him
shelly, bethlehem

I love this video, always loved. I miss while on TV commercials in Brazil.

I feel it would have been better if the athlete stayed with the kid and invited him to join his friends. The kid was still alone and probably still felt terrible. I see a lot of "popular" kids do little nice things that they are taught as student body officers or what not, but they are not really sincere. I don't see a lot of sincerity in the video and they are not really including the other student. It is not only popular kids that can be allies. Maybe it is just the culture in my area, but there are a lot of passive aggressive people who pretend to be nice, but they don't really include you and don't make you feel like you belong in the community.

Just an awesome commercial bottom line. It is very touching
Chris Sisco, Taylor