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About This TV Commercial

Set to a song by The Judds, "Love Can Build a Bridge," this spot represents people with different points of view united by a common bond. They might get together on a regular basis to enjoy each other's similarities and appreciate each other's differences. The bond they share is also a fun one. The setting is outside in a park where this kind of meeting might be more likely to happen - and food is always a good thing to get together over.

Video Transcript

WOMAN: My father taught me a lot about life without ever saying a word. When I was a little girl my friends were all just like me. His never were.
JEW: Hello, Hello.
CHRISTIAN: Didn’t you bring them, George?
JEW: I thought you were going to.
CHRISTIAN: No, no. I brought them last time.
JEW: You are right (laugh) I forgot! All right, all right.
WOMAN: I used to wonder why would a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim ever get together?
JEW/CHRISTIAN: It was him!
WOMAN: And then I got it, they had a lot more in common than donuts.
MUSIC: Love can build a bridge, love and only love, between your heart and mine.
ANNCR/SUPER: Friendship… Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Friendship. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

Basically only in America, this doesn't happen in Europe or the middle east
Peter, San Diego

These messasges matter, and touch loves. Keep em coming.❤
Lisa, Caldwell, Idaho

Love and Friendship, if we have this, we cannot be called "poor"
Claudia, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

This video shows us that not matter the economic situation or religion beliefs in order to have a good friend, who will be with you in every moment.

Are you seeing from the heart?
Ceil, Amity Hill, NC

very nice
Samara and Seth, Fms

I love this, some times i just came to the computer because of it and watch it, because we have a lot more in common than a donuts it is so right.
faatima, anaheim

the greatest commandment LOVE

I would like to share this video with many of my friends, who are Jewish, Christian, and Muslim! I tried to search it on youtube but I couldn't find it. I will try to email the link of this page to myself and test it....but it would be great if it were available and posted on youtube. It could increase the number of views to the tens or hundreds of thousands...a good idea for your visibility.
Andrew, Fort Lauderdale

Beautiful Message. Difference in religion has been the cause of so much violence and wars. It should never be this way. But if you look beyond any differences, you see people with common ideas, personalities, and interests.
Julie, Florida

This is something that I would LOVE to see. We all can/should be friends.
Lauren, Baton Rouge

How do I share this video on my Facebook? Great message!
Andrea, Seattle

Poignant. Especially today.
John Daley, Redondo Beach, Ca

We hope this inspires people to have peace with different races, beliefs, and Gods.
Wolfpack, Charlotte, NC

Path breaking....great message!
abdoolkayum, mumbai, india

A beautiful message, creatively presented.

loved this commercial. we need to get away from racism and realize that we have can come together if we let ourselves. Thank you
Louise, az

i almost thought there is no one who understands me but watching this commercial makes me dream even higher, i know now there are people like you who know Muslims are people who have hearts. i am sorry about all of the past stigmas against Muslims and I just want hug everyone. i was hopeless and depressed
fatima, usa

this is my dream
ibrahim, canada

This is one of my favorites...so true that our commonalities are more numerous than our differences. If only we could all look past the differences to see it.
Laura A., Winston-Salem, NC