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About This TV Commercial

A fizzling rocket is a very special kind of pyrotechnic achievement. It has to be "just enough, but not too much." As is often the case with special effects experts, those who helped FBL create "Rocket" had never been asked to do this exact thing before. Through trial and error, the special effects experts were able to rig the first rocket to fizzle apart on cue. They also did a great job with the guidance wire - a fish line for the final take off.

Many people have been able to relate to the struggles of overcoming a challenge, as seen in "Rocket." The spot also models the importance of mentoring and that it is worth hanging on to your dream.

Video Transcript

MUSIC: Feel the flame forever burn, teaching lessons we must learn …
MUSIC: To bring us closer to the power of the dream.
MUSIC: Feel the flame forever burn, teaching lessons we must learn…
SUPER: The Power of Dreaming…Pass it On
MUSIC: To realize the power of the dream.
SUPER: The Foundation for a Better Life

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On!

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People that have hope have always had dreams.. Most folks today feel defeated because they have lost HOPE. COMPETITION HAS WON OVER COOPERATION. And so many of today's heros have proven to be frauds.. In this age of beautiful deceptions we need to come back to 'Corny' because it allowed us to be vulnerable . Which we need to be AGAIN. Because when someone is vulnerable they are hopeful in the natural heartfelt way..lets get CORNY AGAIN.. PLEASE..
Kathleen, Celebration,Florida


amazing teacher. i love it
joann m., philippines

soraya bach, deerfield beach

Soooo AMAZING! It teaches one to never stop believing and dreaming in yourself, and will make any model rocket buff smile ear to ear!
Sebastian, Cleveland, Ohio

People learn from their mistakes and sometimes need help to do that.
jose s. , glendale heights

Thank you to all the teachers, like the woman in the rocket clip, who help their students reach their dreams. Like other nations, we should honor our nation's teachers and hold them in the highest esteem!
Todd O, Pennsylvania

My Wife & I love your value messages. It would be wonderful if we all lived by it's values.
Gerald & Jeanne B., Louisville, Ky.

Rockets were a highlight of many of my kid's birthday parties. Thanks for the great clips.
Don W., Lashburn, Saskatchewan

Dreams are like rocket fuel; light it and see where it goes.
inventor, @space

Great show!
Elena M., Califorina

Having been a rocket builder when I was a kid, and now with my little girl, I really loved this spot. Anyone who liked this spot would LOVE the movie "October Sky," which also strongly celebrates virtues and family.
Scott C., New Castle, Indiana

Once again...just amazing!!!
Karen M., Seattle, WA

Incrediable, simply incrediable!
Bev M., Canada

The principle and councilors at my middle school decided to show these every morning. This was the one I was paying most attention to. Mainly because I was building a rocket. But, I can't say enough how much these videos impacted (positively) our school. We are a better bunch of teens because of them. Thank you Mr. Rugg and all the people of Prairie View Middle/High school. I LUV U!!!!
A grateful and new eigth grader