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See our new stories and new campaigns at PassitOn.com! Our first video features Joshua Williams, who at the age of 5, started his own non-profit to feed the homeless. To date he and his friends have fed over 300,000 people!

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About This TV Commercial

During shooting of "The Race," the young actors had fun with the working boxcar derby racers. These cars were a delight for the art department to create. Paired with Alabama's song "Angels Among Us," the spot teaches us that sometimes, caught up in the heat of the moment, we may find the richest rewards in life by just pausing and realizing something important may be happening right in front of us.

Video Transcript

ANNCR/SUPER: It was the biggest race of the year and no matter what I was going to win. Sometimes things happen that you just can’t explain.
MUSIC: Ooohh I believe there are angles among us
ANNCR/SUPER: Some things are more important than winning
MUSIC: Sent down to us from somewhere up above. They come to you and me in our darkest hours.
ANNCR/SUPER: I don’t remember who won the race that day
MUSIC: To show us how to live
ANNCR/SUPER: But I’ll never forget how I felt
MUSIC: To teach us how to give. To guide us with the light of love.
ANNCR/SUPER: Including others…Pass it on. A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

Including Others. Pass It On!

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Pass It On®

I have a son that is now 20 with special needs. He is non ambulatory and though a very healthy young adult, he requires us to take care of all his basic needs, but gives back so very much more. So loving and just a joy to be around. My son has truly made me a better person. I'm so touched by this ad and I post it occasionally to remind myself and others of the goodness that is still out there or could be.
Arlette, Monroe, Ohio

so beautyful*crys*i love my whole family

It is so sweet, child helps child with special need in such a light-hearted natural way, inclusion brings family brotherhood feeling.

Thank you and your team for all these wonderful and inspirational videos! I will PASS IT ON to all I know, these simple values are what makes this life more Beautiful!
Anamica, Dubai -UAE

I think that boy that was helping the one in the wheel chair helped him in the car beacause he wanted to give him a chance to be in the game not just watch the game. He probably felt bad for the boy. He could not walh or run. but he could race in a car.

retired special ed teacher. I preached this message for 32 years. This video should be a regular part of every school curriculum!
Liz Rippee, Hartville, MO

Learning from a little young man speaking!
Sr. Athens, Lahore

40 years ago I remember a snowball fight with friends. An opponent, my brother, had what I saw as fear in his eyes as we pummeled them. I was overwhelmed and called an end. My brother wondered why. As a kid I could not convey my emotion. I did not know the word then - it was compassion,
James, NH

Powerful message. I have passed it on to all my friends who work in health care and human services
Violette, West Virginia

I just loved these videos,... I was searching for videos for my kids that can explain the importance of values in human life these are the perfect ones thank you for this,....................
rakhi, kerala

I am a kid and usually I am bored of all these videos but this video opened my eyes to see how it feels to not be able to get up and walk around and I hope you make more videos about this topic. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new world
Aiden Alexander , Windsor Ontario

I love this it shows how people can care. This is a very good video and you should do more including others videos.
Aiden, Windsor

how sweet
tatyanna, killeen/tx

tears-wow-what love
chris b. , myerstown,pa.

Coming from a parent who is a strong advocate and supporter of inclusion I just love this commercial. It brought tears to my eyes. I think every child should view this commercial. Maybe it will truly bring more awareness to children with Special needs. From a mother of twins with Autism.
Machele , California

That just made me tear up! Seeing the boy going and picking up the other boy in the wheel chair and letting him race in his place. This is what life is all about helping those less fortunate then we are! There just isn't enough people in the world like that boy!
Angela Owens, Huntington

Some times we should just "be led by a child" They can teach us.
Jerry, Howe, OK


Every time this commercial comes on TV, it makes me so touch and feel inspired. I came here just to rewatch the commercial. Amen for kindness and including others.
Mai, WI

This is one that hit home. My grandson is in a wheel chair. He was normal until the age of 2 when it was discovered after a fall a tumor, size of a golf ball was at his spine & back bone. Please say a prayer for him & all others that have a difficult life. Thank-you for your time to read this.
Marla O'keefe, wautoma WI