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About This TV Commercial

During the making of "Truck Stop," the FBL team and the actors enjoyed a wonderful combination of casting. The actors seemed at home in the scene, which was filmed in a real truck stop restaurant. Minimal redecorating was involved.

The flashback scene of the truck driver arguing with his wife was also shot in the truck stop restaurant, in the next room. The crew was able to hang homelike curtains and put other household items in the room to make it look like a living room.

One challenge was that the actor who plays the truck driver in the spot did not have experience driving an eighteen-wheeler. In the scene where he drives out of the parking lot, a real truck driver is crouching down next to him, out of sight of the camera, operating the gears and pedals so that the truck moves properly.

Video Transcript

Music: “Now he drives a diesel out of Dallas…
Music: “hauling cars out to the coast…
Music: “it ain’t the dream that he remembered, just a few short years ago…
Music: “But tonight at a truckstop, while drinking a cup…
Music: “the waitress grins and winks at him, and says “My shift’s almost up”…
Music: “With so much riding on the choice at hand…
Music: “the spirit of a boy, or the wisdom of a man…
Music: “With so much riding on the choice at hand…
Music: “the spirit of a boy, or the wisdom of a man.”
Anncr: Right choices…pass them on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.
Super: Right choices…pass them on. The Foundation for a Better Life

Right Choices. Pass It On!

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Wao for real this views are the greatest, they even make me cry, so beautiful . They are very value they have alot loving matters. ...godbless you all.
Emely, orlando fl.

these videos always have twists
nicholas, wi

This one is awesome
LiNaya , 5141 F Street

A very good pro-family message.
Sr. Athens, Lahore

Just came across these after watching one on TV & had to go on the website. This is really a special one cause my Dad (R.I.P) used to drive trucks & now 2 other very special men do also and it just reminds me of ALL 3 of them cause they are men of true character & faithful to the people that matter in their lives. I know all 3 have done the same
Mili Borrego, Albany,NY

Love these! Just found them, can't stop watching!
Amy, PA

I don't see how any of these videos "trick you", or are "so sad". Especially this one, Truck Stop. I see integrity, and truth. I see faithful commitment. I see a man who reminds me of the devoted, loving, caring man of virtue that I am engaged to....who happens to be a long haul driver; who would also walk away.
Doreen, Long Island, NY

Wow these videos can trick u
shealee, ky

I love this video . It reminded me about my parents. love this website to:)
hannah garcia, sparta,MI

I don't see sad I see commitment, and integrity. My husband had been delivering cars for 30 years, I am grateful he is this kind of man, he would walk away.
Ann Marie, Michigan

so sad
kaylee, willard

Maritza, Richard, Norman, and Maria did.
Alvaro, Bogota, Colombia

The right choices make a big difference.
Skyla, Castle Rock, Co

Made me cry.
Austin Davies, medford Wi

Eu vi os vídeos pena é que não seja tudo seguido,pois de segundo a segundo está sempre a parar não o pude bem compreender. Obrigado na mesma
Antonio, Portugal

This video really keeps me going when things get rough between my wife and me.
Andrew, PA

I am so glad I found this on a google search. I found it so inspiring years ago, but now almost a year after treatment for a serious illness that I know I would never have made it through were it not for my loving caring wife, Kathy, who also happens to be an RN. She and God above have gotten me through this - I made the right choice.
Ernest, ATL

I love this ad, it helps me so much in my travels. I had planned on just dismissing this website when it was sent to me by a friend but once I watched it, I truly learned that there is a key difference between the spirit of a boy and the wisdom of the man. Keep up the good work!
David S. , Baltimore, Maryland

I love this video. My dad made the wrong choice but things are okay now and I know he would make the right choice if he had another chance. This is how things should have been for my family.
Sally, US

I watch these messages and wish they could be played on billboards on all major roads. Wonderful messages, restores some of my faith in mankind.
Cindy Parkinson Faya, Stevensville MD