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See our new stories and new campaigns at PassitOn.com! Our first video features Joshua Williams, who at the age of 5, started his own non-profit to feed the homeless. To date he and his friends have fed over 300,000 people!

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About This TV Commercial

Young people love to help out when given the chance and in this spot they get an enthusiastic dose of encouragement from a classmate. This message puts the spotlight on young heroes who give from the heart.

Video Transcript

BUS DRIVER: OK Josh, do your stuff!
JOSH: OK people, you know the drill. Canned food only guys…
MUSIC: Sometimes you gotta give and not receive…
MUSIC: Sometimes you gotta live what you believe…
MUSIC: Open your arms, ‘cause that’s where it starts, right here with you and me…
MUSIC: What the world needs now is love, love and only love...
ANNCR/SUPER: Generosity…pass it on.
MUSIC: A little help from up above…
Sign reads “Central City Shelter” or “Center for Help”
MUSIC: A way to make a better day…
MUSIC: Let’s come together…
ANNCR/SUPER: A Message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Generosity. Pass It On!

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What a good thing to do
Alexa Marie Alexander

I like What The World Needs By Wynonna Judd being sung in this PSA
Nancy, Wenonah NJ

Great PSA! Who is doing the signing?
Martha, Arizona

I like this P.S.A a lot I feel it makes me want to give back and also that definintely sounds like Wynonna Judd singing in the ad

i love this video

These commercials make me tear up every time. They mean so much and make you think of the little things you can do to not only make a positive difference, but be a good neighbor. I absolutely love the generosity and optimism!!!
Sabrina, Dayton,OH

I admire the mission of this foundation, to no end.
Elizabeth , Sedway

That's very generous of those kids to help their community. Most kids rather litter and destroy the community than build it up. All it takes it one step, and you can change the world.....
Kiki, Ohio

Its very kind . It teaches a lot .
Cody , S.C. Belton

I wish my bus could do that!
Emma, New Jersey

You sure are doing the difference. Thanks!!!
Tricia Vega, Monterrey, México

That was great... I wish that all people can do that.
Penholder, philippines

It is nice video for the kids to donate food to charity.
john, chicago

It is kind to share with others.
eric, illinois

I think that it is nice that kids are helping out people who need help.
jimmy, chicago

I think it was a rather nice clip, i wish everyone was like the kids on that bus, for the world would be better for all mankind.
Haze, Chicago

Kids make you wake and think, when will you start charity?
abdoolkayum, mumbai

The kids on that bus are very caring.
Rachel B, Arizona

Pls I love this video how can I share this to my classmates and download it? thanks a lot and keep up the good work..
flora may, Philippines

I love this video it shows generosity
Alexsei Santana , East Hartford