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Alexander E

So, I had an amazing experience with my 6 yr old son. We have a special saying that I try to instill in him. Simply "always be a good man." There is more, but that really says it all. Well, last night as we were getting him ready for bed, we sat and said our prayers for the night. Afterwards, I was sitting with him talking about how he is doing in school and that he helped me put together my furniture for the apartment. I told him "Alexander, you are a good man." Then, he looked at me, with a different demeanor than I have seen in him before. He looked at me like a man looks at a friend or someone he cares about and said "You are a good man too, Daddy." Then he gave me a firm hug around my neck. Not the kind a kid gives to give a superhug, or the "side hug" he is so famous for, but a hug for someone you care for and are concerned for. It was one of the most impacting hugs I have ever received. My little guy, encouraging me.....his Dad...simply awesome, and a timeless moment I will never forget....thank you, Son.

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