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Winner: December 2012 Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Amanda B who won our Hero of the Month contest for December 2012. Read Amanda's Interview Now.


Amanda B

Amanda B. found herself in a city pummeled in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. She wanted to help her fellow New Yorkers in any way possible. After volunteering with the Red Cross in several areas of the city she quickly found what was to become a welcome contribution to people left without a home and many without electricity.

What then started as cooking many meals became a huge effort to get as much food to these people as was possible out of a tiny apartment. The word spread quickly and food and supplies came pouring into Amanda’s upper west side apartment. Working with other volunteer organizations to find where the food was most needed, Mandy and her friends started to deliver 250 hot meals and 800 sandwiches at a time.

The local community helped to contribute food and recipes to make these healthy and filling dishes. Mandy, as her friends call her, is from the South where eating with loved ones and friends is life itself. It is where she learned her grandmother’s recipes which she brought back to those affected in New York.

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Read Amanda's Interview

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