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Mr. Wright

Do you know someone who believes in you? I do. My teacher, Mr. Wright, believes in you. He believes we can all be the best we can be. Do you believe in someone or something no one else believes in? It might not be true, but it's fun to believe. Believing is not just for kids. Anyone can believe. You don't have to be superstar, you don't have to be a kid, you don't have to be anything special to believe. Mr. Wright, my teacher, can teach you to believe, but you don't need a teacher either!! Believing is everything to me and if there's a person who doesn't believe in themselves, then believe in them and they will believe sooner or later. If we believe in somebody they might start believing some day. Believing makes you the way you are.

In my picture, Mr. Wright is playing a game with 4th and 5th graders. He is believing that they can win, but if they don't, they still had fun and that's what matters. Mr. Wright has belief written all over him. Someday, I want to believe as much as he does. So, next time you give up, don't look to the dark path. Look up, turn around and say I might have lost, but I believe that we will win the next game. Believing will take you far. The path to the light where the sun shines bright. Believing will take you far like Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream and believed in it. Now, black and white people have the same rights. See how believing takes you far? Remember this, it is something that you will want to keep in your brain - Seeing with your eyes is not believing. Believing is when you see with your heart and believe in what you think.


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Thank you Isabella for sharing your beautifully poignant description of your hero. Your Mr. Wright sounds like an amazing man. It takes a very special person to be able to remain positive and uplifting in light of the world and times that we live in....it takes not only a great big beautiful heart but also a selfless spirit and a great amount of self discipline to control his conscious thoughts even in the face of adversity I admire all those qualities as well... You also sound like you're an amazing young woman as well, you must be to desire to emulate this man's wonderful redeeming qualities. One can only hope as I do and as Mr, Wright probably does that one day we will all open up our minds and choose to 'believe' that anything is possible and that we each have a basic fundamental goodness inside of us all.... Perhaps then we will achieve universal harmony and I hope to be around to see it. A very good and wise man once said "BE the change you want to see in this world.." Mahatma Gandhi Those are words that I fashion my life after. I truly believe that if we all lived every day with those words as our daily goal....this world would be easily transformed into the beautiful paradise I believe our creator intended it to be. Peace, Love, Unity & Respect ~ Debbie @};--;---;-----
Debbie Lortz, Hemet, CA