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Vincent Sherpinsky

I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Vincent Sherpinsky for your Everyday Hero Award. As one of my high school teachers, I have watched him be a role model, a leader, and someone who is leading by example. He is energetic, compassionate and genuinely well rounded in his opinions and points of view. He is committed to having a positive impact inside and outside the school. He truly understands that to make a difference… you must be involved. This has included being a volunteer school director in a neighboring school district as well as a teacher leader in our district. On a personal level, those who know Mr. Sherpinsky would describe him as intense and focused, yet light hearted. Mr. Sherpinsky has an easygoing personality with a friendly smile and a great sense of humor. He is the kind of teacher that can, and has, made a real difference in kids’ lives. Mr. Sherpinsky is an exceptional candidate and I wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation. He embodies the ideal of an Everyday Hero.


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Vincent is a very nice boy
Kali, Pittsburgh