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Aria Leighty

Aria is one of the most selfless human beings I have had the pleasure to meet. She consistently thrives to help others. She started her own business from the ground up and have donated all of her time, devotion and love to it. She created a children's art studio that helps kids express their creativity in a stress free environment. She has spent her time helping families that have little to give. She has pull together events to donate diapers, clothes and toys to underprivileged children. She has created a group for mother's that own their own businesses to help meet new people, discuss best practices, etc. She truly is an amazing woman and gets little recognition.

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Kristin, Arizona

that's how the world should be

She is an Angel. A real heavenly creation whom thrives by helping and inspiring others.
Alex, Lake Tahoe

Lol cute baby
debrah, Indiana

Ana, Tustine

sweet family...stay strong
lesleen smith, GUAM