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Ricky Mena

Ricky Mena is a wonderful man who lives in California and for the past couple of months or so has been spending every dime he has to visit children in Hospitals, Group homes, Charity events etc... baring gifts, and entertainment free of charge. He brings Happiness and Joy to children who need it in their times of need and in return it is bringing him that same Joy and hope for all of us who are following his Journey. He is showing us that there is still good in people. He is showing today's youth that there is still good in people and that there is always hope.

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so! NICE! = - )
jyel, btu

you are really a nice guy and spiderman rocks

omg I loved it :)


Thank you for all that you do! You may want to check out "Ryan Black's Handmade Heart" on Facebook. He's an amazing little boy who practically lives at the hospital, and he calls himself "Spidey". He LOVES LOVES LOVES Spiderman!
Michele Noaker, Duncannon, PA

So cute


thank u very much spidy