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Abigail Marshall

Abigail Marshall was10 years of age; and liked receiving brand new pajamas from their Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve. She realized that today’s economy not every child would be as fortunate, she along with her sister Camillie decided they wanted to make a difference. PJs 4 Xmas a Nonprofit Organization from kids for kids was born. In the last five years Camille & Abby’s little organization clothed approximately 8,894 children in St Lawrence County, along with a grand total of $34,215.05. The PJs 4 Xmas helps out 750+ families; this would include 1500 children, during the holiday season. Including the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, in October 2012. Clothing most of Northern NY state St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Franklin Counties. Abigail is a sophomore at Ogdensburg Free Academy, an altar server for Notre Dame Church, participates in the high school band, jazz band and marching band, plays violin in the St Lawrnece University Orchestra, plays clarinet and piano. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and plays Varsity Soccer, & Varsity Lacrosse. She is hoping one day to attend college for a music career.

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