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Tiffany Doorn

My good friend Tiffany Doorn is a shining example of a true everyday hero for me. She comforts, supports and encourages each and every one of her friends in a manner that goes far beyond anything I have witnessed. But her most striking quality is her devotion and passion for charity. Many of us have donated for a good cause - from the comfort of our luxurious lives. Tiffany, however, regularly leaves her comfort zone, traveling to South Africa, Haiti and other parts of the world less fortunate to live with those in need. Her latest endeavor for God's Littlest Angels took her to an orphanage, where she delivers supplies to the children, lived with them for a month and tended to them one by one, singing to them, reading to them, feeding them, teaching them, playing with them, and rocking them to sleep. Her commitment and selflessness inspires so many of us to do more, and I take pride in supporting and encouraging her to lead by example and making the world a better place. I'm proud of you, Tiffany. You're a hero for the children of this world.


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you are a real role modol


thank u for doing